Glory to Amarr!

Wow. I never thought this day would come. The day Vultirnus sits in a capital is here! A beautiful capital at that. I don’t care what anyone says, this is one of the best looking ships in the game.



Ok it’s no titan, but come on. That is a damn cool ship. You know, I’ve seen the freighters flown around but it’s something totally different when you’re in the drivers seat. The size of the thing is overwhelming. That was one thing that always kept me in Eve. Every time you hop into a new class of ship there is this feeling of excitement. This rush of accomplishment. And on top of all of that, it is SO handy! Shipments that used to take hours and hours to haul in bits and pieces is done in 15 minutes. It’s incredible!

So sadly this is what has been keeping Vult busy these last few weeks. Lots of administrative stuff is going on in the corp right now. We’re reorganizing a bunch of things and really sorting out expenditures and profits. Finally trying to get a handle on the black hole that was our finances up until recently. We made some incredible progress. The corp has a plan, and things are looking very profitable in the near future. Pvp may have taken a back seat, but it is not far from our minds. We are coming up with fleet fits and from the sounds of it everyone is ready to put some of this new found money into having some fun shooting stuff. Up until now we’ve done it mostly out of necessity, well maybe not me. But most of the corp. It’s time to get some roams in, and time for some pew pew. Although I need to be careful to get my standings in order if I’m flying this behemoth around. No room for trigger happy Gallente navies with that kind of ship!

Working Off the Holiday Fat

Happy 2013 (YC114?) everybody!

Vultirnus has had a rough time recoverin

g from the holidays. So much food, so little time. In all honest I had a great break. Got some long overdue skiing in. Reconnected with a lot of close friends.

And ate, a metric shit tonne of food.


You know you like it.

So what is Vultirnus so busy doing that he can’t update his blog? Well, to be honest he’s been really busy doing really really boring things. Things like grinding standing with a few corporations and certain, unmentionable empire factions. Insert shifty Amarrian eye look here. If someone could make that last sentence into a .gif I would reward you handsomely. Check in soon as the corp is getting an itchy trigger finger and it might lead to some very interesting posts in the near future!