Baptism by Fire

Apologies for not posting in a while. My life has been a bit of a mess lately. Work has been pretty all-consuming with 4:30 am wake up times and 12 hour days. Ugh. Anyway we’re here now and we all have some catching up to do.

Faux Pas is starting to hum along pretty well. Attendance is still fairly light, we have a lot of members out on vacation or off starting new jobs and moving. But the drive of the guys I’ve seen online so far is promising. This corp is starting to become exactly what I wanted to; a stress-free group of guys who just like to fly together and have some fun. No obligations, no fuss, just lo-sec roams and some good fights. I won’t be able to recap all of the fights I’ve had since my last post, but I’ll try to give you some highlights.

palmfacepandaOne of my favorites was actually a sad loss. My personal friend Eno logged on for about an hour looking for me to bring him out and find a fight. Not always a patient person but I was in the mood for a quick fight too. He was in a Tristan while I brought out my Crucifier. I took him into one of my favorite lo-sec areas and sure enough we found a lone Retribution on the scanner. After a little time spinning the camera around, I think I have a lock on the ship and I warp the squad into the fight. Eno is still working on basics of Eve and pvp especially. Since his skill set is so low, his align times are significantly higher than my lightning fast Crucifier. Those agility rigs make a world of difference! Anyway I ended up on grid with the enemy ship on my own for a few seconds while Eno played catch up. I hit my warp disruptor and sent the drones off to war! I was doing pretty good damage but the tracking disruptors weren’t making much of a dent on his small pulse turrets. I should have known! At 15 km I can’t keep my transversal velocity high enough to out run his turrets, and in the heat of battle I didn’t think to switch to the range disruption scripts. I managed to fly out of his engagement range, right about the time that Eno landed on grid. Poor guy was in a poorly fit Tristan alone against an assault frigate. It didn’t take long for him to pop. The worst part was I hadn’t explained to him how the pod ejection system worked yet, so he got a nice quick trip back to his starting system when his pod popped!

Oops! Well at least I made it out alive. I wasn’t so lucky in the next fight. Highfive logged on and joined me for a lo-sec roam since his static wormhole connection was so close to where I was operating. We managed to find ourselves a Vexor to fight. It wasn’t a great target for his Stabber and my Arbitrator, but we were bored so we decided to give it a go. I made a fatal mistake and got within his web range which quickly lead to me getting blasted out of my ship. But I managed to get a good amount of damage in and Highfive was able to just barely finish him off! Unfortunately he took a little too long collecting his loot and managed to get himself killed by a Brutix that entered the same belt shortly after. Lesson learned. Loot and scoot, don’t hang around if you don’t have to!

2013. too long ago I was in one of my 0.2 systems looking for clone rats when I found a very young player trying to do the same. He must not be very used to using the directional scanner as I caught him in a belt pretty quickly. My Crucifier took him out of the fight entirely, not that he was really in it, while Highfive popped his ship in a Tristan. Really wasn’t much of a fight, but hey it’s always fun to get a kill! Soon after that we had our first official corp night. A night when the corp is guaranteed to try to get online so we can all go out and fly together for a while. We climbed into a pair of destroyers and frigates and headed out for a fight. I got a call on comms about halfway through our roam that a friendly was being chased by a Hawk, Retribution, Enyo, and Jaguar. That’s a lot of assault ships, but maybe with his tracking disruptors we would have a shot? We fleet warped to their belt and engaged the hostiles. Luckily the Hawk wasn’t there when the fight started. We primaried the Enyo and managed to bring him down before the T2 ships leveraged their firepower and systematically destroyed our whole fleet! It was bound to happen. Our pilots are still pretty new to pvp for the most part and we were horribly outgunned, but there’s no better way to learn!

It’s been a fun couple of weeks! I’m really excited to have some of the other corp members start showing up again after their respective real-life hiatuses. And I’m going to hold off on some of the videos for a while. I keep taking videos with 2 audio channels, one for the mic and one for the gameplay, but YouTube keeps cutting one of them out. And I get so distracted with the video stuff I forget to take screenshots so you’re left with a wall of text blog which no one enjoys. If anyone has any tips for encoding the videos let me know!

Fly Safe!

Double Kill!

Shameless Unreal Tournament reference? Check.

I went home for the weekend and it was relaxing and great, but the whole time I was really itching to get back in the pod and go hunting. A lot has happened over the course of the week in-game, but I’ll get into more of that in the next Announcements thread I publish. For now it’s time to recap a great roam Azx and I went on last night.

Things started off the way they typically do on our roams. We met up at our favorite staging area in our Crucifier and Merlin and started cruising through some lo-sec systems looking for prey. Prey needs some context though, since it changes with every fleet composition you play. For us we were looking primarily for other frigates, or heavily turret based cruisers. This fleet has already taken down an Omen and I would very much like to see it run up against a Rupture or Thorax. While the blood lust draws us out time and again, we’re also out tonight to make some money. Clone pirates are top on our priority list, making us a cool million just for popping them and dropping some tags worth a few more in the process. But tonight things are dull. The belts seem empty and we come across system after system of pilots napping in stations.

Magnate512After about an hour we’re starting to lose our focus and energy levels drop. We haven’t found any clones and the pvp targets are just as scarce. Finally we warp in to a backwater system and find a Magnate on scan. Magnates are not known for their military prowess so my guess is this guy is looking for data and relic sites. Ok well that and the fact that there are a bunch of core probes on my scanner suggest that. We buzz around the system trying to figure out where he might be. I launch a set of probes myself as I narrow in on which signature I think he’s working on. That’s the great thing about this fleet, my Crucifier has an empty high slot that we can fit a probe launcher into for just this sort of occasion. I get a hit in 2 scans and I’m off to see if I can catch me a hacker!

Sure enough the Magnate is hacking a can and I somehow managed to land within 3 km of him! I fire up the old warp disruptor and launch my probes while calling in Azx for support. The Magnate decides he’s not interested and warps away. Which is annoying, since I know I had a solid lock and disrupted him. Lame warp core stabilizers. Oddly enough the pilot of the Magnate deems his stellar performance worthy of mocking me in local. “You gotta be faster than that kiddo.” Something about being called kiddo by a guy flying a Magnate is…insulting to say the least. Luckily my quick wit came to the rescue! “Don’t know how much faster I could have been, seeing as how you were locked and pointed. Not much I can do about warp stabs.”

Good one Vult.

The hunt continues with us coincidentally following the Magnate through a few systems. We manage to find a clone so at least the trip has yielded some income. But just when we were about to give up hope, we find a Retribution ratting in a system all by his lonesome. A quick d-scan sweep and Azx is in warp to a likely belt and sure enough lands on our target! The fight is on and I punch the warp button to lend a hand. Azx’s tank is robust to say the least, but the Retribution is a tough nut to crack and can dish out a good deal of dps as well. I land about 20 km from the fight, lock the target and engage my tracking disruptors which immediately reduces the amount of damage Azx takes. But there’s little time to congratulate each other as another pilot enters the fray. A pilot from the same corp showed up on local as soon as we engaged the Retribution and sure enough an Incursus lands on our belt just as we finish taking down the first pilot. There’s not much he can do, the fit is a sad one, and he’s horribly out matched by our drones, tracking disruptors, and the Merlin’s tank-of-doom. He pops as well and the celebrating really begins! Retribution Kill, Incursus Kill, make sure to check out the killboard regularly! It should be heating up in the very near future.

Sorry guys don’t know why my mic still isn’t coming through on the videos, they definitely export with my banter!

A double kill to finish off what started as a horribly slow roam! Not too shabby. The loot is lackluster, but the kill mails are worth more than all the ships involved combined anyway. We haul the loot out and call it a night. Poor Azx always playing so late just to roam with me! Certainly appreciated, was a great way to spend a Sunday evening!

Prosperity In Lo-Sec

It’s been an interesting few days for me. Our HQ system has been really quiet. No ore sites, no data, no relics, a few anomalies but I’m not really supposed to be running those alone. So what’s left to do? Roam in lo-sec that’s what! And it was very interesting what I found there. I dare say the last few days I’ve spent in lo-sec have almost made me want to relocate there permanently.

To start things off, yesterday I had some crazy luck and managed to find three of the new security status rats in my lo-sec chain. They dropped a cool 120 million isk for me which more than would have funded the ship I was hunting with that day. Now overall farming those rats is a lot more time consuming and you generally don’t end up with nearly that kind of cash. But for whatever reason I’ve been doing pretty well with it so far.

I’ve managed to get into a couple scrapes here and there, but never anything serious. I usually just get my Oracle into the sides of a gate camp which is fun, but not entirely productive usually. I like to think I’m doing anyone else who has to pass through the area a favor but who knows. The FW systems are interesting. Lot of people moving around quite a bit, but they seem to be very timid. Just today I warped into a small outpost with a Punisher. I found a Rifter in the plex, and he immediately warped off. WTF MinMatar?! I thought you guys had a little more backbone than that? It’s a classic duel the Punisher vs. the Rifter!

Well after messing around in FW for a while, Azx logs on today. As usual we have little to do and decide to grab some small ships and find trouble. I decide to buy a Retribution and fit a 10mn afterburner to it and see how it goes. The idea being you can scramble someone thus killing their MWD propulsion while maintaining your AB propulsion. It seems to work alright, I think it would do much better against turret boats of small caliber. It seems to have some trouble trying to hold it’s orbit with that over-sized afterburner.

Cruisin' for a Bruisin'

Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’

Anyway we zip into one of our favorite lo-sec chains and start hunting. We ended up in some backwater system with a faction Osprey. We see he has logistic cruiser friend, but when we end up more or less on top of him in a belt we decide to give it a shot. We just want to get in a fight really, winning is just a nice bonus. I lock the cruiser down and open fire.

The fight was weird. He didn’t have a web which led to a very long fight. He eventually beat us, although I managed to escape while Azx killed his MWD. Azx’s Merlin turned out to be an absurdly tanked little vessel. With two of the ancillary shield boosters, he managed to tank the enemy’s damage with almost no effort at all. Well at least until he had to reload the repper’s charges. We knew we weren’t going to win but at least we got to shoot at something. Azx zipped back to our hi-sec base to get a new ship while I kept hunting.

Eventually we found a fight and a half. A Rupture was in a belt by himself ratting. We decided to give him a real challenge, those little rat ships were never going to give him a proper fight. Things started a little rocky. Neither of us were used to flying these ships yet and we ended up overshooting our target a number of times. Azx blasted by the cruiser and went out of range of his scrambler just as I came into range after overshooting him myself. From the outside it may have looked like some really fancy flying, but we actually were just spamming the approach and orbit buttons praying to Bob that the Rupture didn’t flee.

Death of a Rupture

Death of a Rupture

But as it turned out he was just as interested in a fight as we were. And a hell of a fight it was. I even managed to get a video of it, well most of it. I’m still not used to hitting the record button before a fight like that! I’m still working on uploading it as the file is quite large, but stay tuned on that front. Anyway the fight was brutal. I ended up with about 17% of my structure left before the MinMatar bastard finally exploded. It was pretty epic if I do say so myself. We exchanged GFs in local and Azx bolted with what loot we could grab. Finally a decent fight to get the blood pumping again!