Making Bills

At the risk of throwing whatever cosmic fortune has come our way into the trash compacter, I will dare to say that things have been going quite smoothly for the corp in our new WH home. The small fleet of ships we have parked in our forcefield allow us to make a good 150 to 200 million isk a day (calculations made roughly after a few beers and only one night as a sample size). Only problem is we’re a little too good at harvesting everything. Most days but the time I log on, the HQ system has been cleared out of any profit making other than my lucrative PI coolant and rocket fuel industry. Now that most of the corp is comfortable collapsing WHs, I rarely even find a new connection to scout around or cause trouble it.

It’s hard to complain too much though. Our wallet is back on the rise and in general the corp is very happy to be back in unknown sectors of space. Away from local, away from the gate-camped lo-sec chains. I have been trying to avoid hunting in lo-sec since the move. My security status is quickly becoming a problem and with a Jump Freighter in my very near future, much of the corp’s fuel and market runs will depend on me not getting ganked by pesky empire navies. It looks like a lot of my immediate future will be dominated by ratting for security status, and training on how to use jump drives.

Yeah…Let’s be serious. I don’t have a Pilgrim sitting in the hangar for ratting.

(I just googled eve pilgrim of doom for a suitable ending pic. It yielded…interesting results)

Man I’m Sick of Moving

Well there’s some good news. We’re back in a Class 3 wormhole! It looks like I’ve finally got all my gear out there, and I spent a few hours today finally getting all my PI setup. Off to hunt in a little bit. Hope to have some new exciting posts up in the very near future!

As penitence for my lack of posting, a screenshot of me very nearly being decloaked by a Naga

Where Does the Time Go?

Man it’s been nuts around here this past week. Well, except for the fact that I know it hasn’t. I honestly don’t know what has kept me from posting but I do apologize. In-game life has taken a rather interesting turn however. Towards the beginning of the week we stumbled upon a class 3 wormhole system that was, let’s just say, lightly defended by it’s null-sec based inhabitants. With a plethora of anomalies in the system, and apparently no one willing to defend their POS much, we evicted the current residents and have setup shop there!

Man is it good to be back in w-space. I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until I was back in it. I immediately took the opportunity to jump into Oz’s Legion and run through the half dozen anomalies that were scattered around. Over a billion isk and a few hours later I called it a night. Thank goodness for the bounty of Bob! The money is just rolling in and we couldn’t be happier. I’m excited to log on tonight and see what has changed. Our last two static connections have been a little rocky so I haven’t gotten a chance to bring in all my pvp vessels as of yet. That is on my to-do list as well as setting up the PI systems in our new home. Which reminds me we need to bash some POCOs and soon.

Anyway excited to be back and stay tuned for some new broadcasts from the void!

Oracles, Hurricanes, and Stealth Bombers…Oh My!

Cheese and rice what a trip this day has been. I’m going to skip a lot of the usual build up to the action and just dive right in for the most part.

Our C3 neighbors are still connected to our HQ system and Snow and Oz are inside harassing them as is customary. I was fleeted immediately upon logging into the game and brought my Oracle into the system to offer what help I could. The locals have a Loki sitting peacefully in their force-field and we’ve seen a Buzzard zip around once or twice. Much to our amusement the Buzzard attempted to scan our location with a single combat probe. I had parked my Oracle on a hi-sec wormhole connection that Oz had already bubbled up.

About this time we had two Hurricanes and a Falcon jump into the system via the hi-sec wormhole. As soon as the Hurricanes uncloaked I opened fire. The first Hurricane’s shields evaporated in a single volley from my large tachyons. The Falcon immediately cloaked and the two battlecruisers burned their way out of the bubbles and warped off to a safespot, but not without taking a good bit of damage.

Snow probed down one of the safespots the Hurricanes were hiding in, but they weren’t sitting still much. I think they were on edge for some reason. Just as we were about to ambush them at their not-so-safespot, they returned to the hi-sec wormhole. Oz was there this time in his Harbinger to provide some close action support and a webifier. The tachyons began spitting out damage again, although I had been on the move and was slightly out of optimal range. The cloaked Falcon had kept me on my toes and now I was out of position. Oz did what he could and the Oracle blazed away but the Hurricanes managed to get back to the hole safely.

We began to wait again, we still had a Falcon in system, not to mention the local corp who seemed content to sit in the POS’s shields the whole time. As time wore on I got the feeling the Hurricane pilots were on their way back to help their Falcon buddy get out unscathed. No one listened to me though. I was right in the end, although I do wish the timing had been a little different. I had warped around the system for some reason, I can’t remember what it was now. I warped back to resume my vigil over the hi-sec hole but managed to get myself sucked into the bubbles my own corp had placed putting me within 10km of the hole.

Then the wormhole flared. A Maelstrom and a Typhoon instantly decloak and start locking me. I never even got a chance to see the turrets fire. The Oracle disappeared in a brilliant blue blossom and my pod warped for a nearby celestial. The Oracle is a great ship able to do a lot of damage at range while remaining agile and cheap. But it is the epitome of a glass cannon, and arriving at the wormhole just as the enemy corp returned through it was a really unlucky turn of events.

Anyway after retrieving their Falcon, the corp we had been battling moved off. Apparently that was enough discouragement to keep them from exploring the system any further. So we moved on to our next objective. Destroying the local POS. The lone POS in the system had little to no defenses setup and the corp has been itching to get back into worm space for a while. So we began to hatch a scheme to evict the residents from their system. We didn’t want to risk any large ships and so we decided to use a somewhat, unorthodox POS bashing approach.

We all got in frigates.

Confusion was on the menu for today’s local corp. A group of two stealth bombers and one Tristan decloaked at their POS and began attacking their warp scrambling battery. With only cruise missiles as a defense, our tiny fast ships were untouchable for the most part. As long as they didn’t bring out any ships to defend their assets, we were going to slowly grind through them. All without risking more than 50 million isk in the process. We had almost brought the warp scrambler down when a small fleet of ships finally arrived and ruined our fun. But oh what fun we had!

After a quick break I returned and flew to Amarr to fit out a new Purify-i-core stealth bomber that I desperately wanted to try out. I insured the ship, since I wasn’t terribly confident in how it was going to perform and headed off to lo-sec. Right off the bat I find a Retriever mining away in a belt by himself. I’m surprised considering the large number of pilots in local, but the bloodlust and curiosity is high, so I engage anyway. Suddenly a fleet of CONCORD ships arrive. Odd, I’ve never seen CONCORD in lo-sec befo…BOOM!

My ship explodes, and I realize that I, in fact, was not in lo-sec but rather one jump away from lo-sec. Man is that embarrassing. I did get almost half way through the miner’s armor before being ganked by the fun police, so at least the damage output seems promising. I head back to Amarr and refit. This time I do make it to lo-sec and I manage to find a Hoarder sitting, apparently afk, at a planet using my directional scanner. I engage the ship and start to bust through it’s armor in no time. The pilot comes to and starts to burn away. I was a little slow on the uptake and managed to drop my disruptor when he got out of range. Man this is not my day.

All in all an exciting time. The new stealth bomber fit has a lot of potential, but it will take a little more time in the pod before I’m proficient at using it. The future looks bright though. As I’m writing this reports are coming in about further eviction operations and potential moves back to worm space. I must say it feels good to be the attacker in a battle for once.

New Blog Character

In light of recent events in-game I am introducing a new character to the blog. Please help me in welcoming…

Facepalm Panda

Yeah I’ve done some pretty awesome-ly stupid things the last few days. You’re going to be seeing a lot of this guy…

Fitting Theory – Purify-i-core 10MN Afterburner Fit

Inspired by the 10MN Manticore video by Pirolat:

A few days ago Mel sent the video above around to the corp. We were all pretty impressed with the ships this guy was taking down, and so the analysis of his fit began. We modified it a lot for a few reasons. First and foremost we are poor, so the faction afterburners and everything else Pirolat is using wasn’t reasonable for us. We are also primarily Amarr pilots and wanted to see if we could do something similar with the Purifier (thus the Purify-i-core designation). What we came up with is by no means perfect, but it seems like it can get the job done.

Before anyone starts to flame the post, this fitting can be greatly improved upon. I do not have the ideal skill set for this fit but am in the process of training towards it. Upgrades to rigs and modules will yield much more impressive results so feel free to tweak to your particular skills as you see fit.

I tested it a bit last night. The damage output is lower than I was hoping for, although most of that can be attributed to my less than ideal missile skill set. The Purifier also seemed to have a little bit of trouble keeping it’s velocity maxed out at an orbit that still allowed for the disruptor to be within range. It’s not impossible but it will take careful monitoring of your distance from the enemy ship for this to work. Pirolat I’m sure is using a 28km disruptor where I downgraded to a 24km version. Overheated I can reach to 28km and I’m not too worried about someone running away from me. This way I can save around 50 million isk.

One big perk of this fit is it’s cost. All told it is less than 50 million isk to buy and fit. That’s damn impressive considering the value of your targets. Your targets are the key though. Very similar to the Pilgrim fits, choosing what to engage and what to leave alone is a major consideration when hunting with this ship. Luckily for you a cloaking device allows you to do just this! All in all it’s a fun inexpensive ship that can really cause problems for some of the staple solo lo-sec big boys like Hurricanes, Cyclones and Drakes.

[Purifier, 10mn pvp]

Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II
Reactor Control Unit II

10MN Afterburner II
Faction Warp Disruptor (Based on cost you’re willing to spend)
Small Capacitor Booster II, Cap Booster 100

Covert Ops Cloaking Device II
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher, Mjolnir Torpedo
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher, Mjolnir Torpedo
Prototype ‘Arbalest’ Torpedo Launcher, Mjolnir Torpedo
Micro Graviton Smartbomb I

Small Auxiliary Thrusters I
Small Ancillary Current Router I

A Mammoth In My Sights

A funny thing about Eve. Even after spending over a week away from the game, I come back to find I still have 10 days left before Advanced Starship Command is done training to level V. Didn’t I start that a month ago?! I swear those skill queues never seem to finish when I step away from the game for a while.

Apologies again for not posting recently. Like I said some real life responsibilities came up and severely limited game time. I had been able to log on in bits and pieces during the past week, but never for more than half an hour or so at a time. In that time it seemed like lo-sec had all but emptied out. I would take a spin around my local chain and find almost no pilots in any of the systems, and if I did they would be docked up in a station. Frustrating to say the least.

But finally on Saturday I managed to carve out some Eve time, and I knew that the corpmates would be on and inspire me to play for a while. Snow has been scanning the HQ site and has found us a C3 wormhole which she is monitoring. I take the Oracle out for a anti-pirating field trip. My security status is finally below 0.0 and I’d like to spend at least a little time raising it.

Snow reports there is a weakly defended POS in the C3 and only three pilots in the system active. They are apparently running anomalies in there, but having a slightly rough time of it. She watches them sweep an anomaly and then harvest the loot in a destroyer, which speaks to this group’s lack of experience. Oz and I start to get the bloodlust twitch and begin hatching a scheme to snipe the destroyer while Oz cloaks near it in a stealth bomber. He can scoop the loot once the salvager is destroyed and the Drake escorts are occupied with me.

Unfortunately just as we start getting the ball moving the target fleet holes up in their POS shield. We start to play the waiting game, speculating that Oz got caught on the hole before he could cloak, alerting the target of our presence. Regardless Snow continues to spy on them and we continue to wait. Eventually the destroyer pilot swaps ships for a Mammoth industrial ship. This is starting to look promising. If I were a betting man I would say they are hauling up all their anomaly loot for the day and getting ready to sell it. They’ll need a link to high sec and our wormhole just might be it.

I warp my Oracle to about 70 km from the wormhole on the lo-sec side. My sensor boosters are activated and my tachyon lasers are primed and ready. Snow reports the Mammoth has warped out of the POS to one of the planets, maybe to collect PI materials for the trade run. The Drakes remain motionless, hovering near their precious tower. Shortly there after the wormhole flares. The pilot takes his time holding his session cloak after seeing me waiting for him, but it doesn’t matter. He decloaks and I lock him almost instantly. The large laser turrets and heat sinks annihilate the ship in two volleys. Sadly I’m out of practice and only manage a screenshot of the wreck, after Oz had looted it. I’m a little rusty, bare with me.

The pod quickly warps away and Oz runs over to scoop up the 90 million isk in loot. Not bad for two shots! Ah it’s good to be back in the swing of things, although my security status didn’t move in the direction I was hoping it would. Eh, who needs to go to hi-sec anyway?

Refilling the Pod Goo

Hey everyone,

I’ve had a few things come up in my personal life which has kept me away from the game the last week or so. Fear not! I will be returning shortly. Don’t give up on me yet, I’ll be back before you know it.