New Eden Open Tournament – Nov 17th to Dec 2nd


The New Eden Open is a cash tournament, sponsored and broadcast by own3d and produced by the renowned EVE TV crew, from a high quality studio, hosted by the famous CCP Soundwave and CCP Sunshine. Prizes, which are used in Community weekend competitions on the EVE Forums around the New Eden Open, were added by Razer as secondary sponsor.

During the last two weekends we witnessed incredible exiting matches between the 28 teams trying to reach the finals this coming weekend, the replays are available on CCP’s own3d channel.

On December 1st and 2nd we will broadcast the final 6 teams fighting for the grand prizes totaling $10,000 in cash.  We encourage everyone to watch the New Eden Open finals to see which team will make history by winning CCP’s first cash tournament.

We recommend that you join your friends to watch the New Eden Open together; maybe you can find a player gathering or a bar nearby, such as the InterfaceBar in Berlin, that broadcasts the New Eden Open live.

These are the 6 teams which will fight for glory this upcoming weekend:

  • Goggle Wearing Internet Crime Fighters – Team Captain: Seldarine
  • Ronin and the Pixies – Team Captain: Dwimm
  • XXXMity –  Team Captain: KwarK uK
  • Expendables – Team Captain: HaartSp
  • The Reputation Cartel – Team Captain: luckyccs
  • Asine Hitama’s team – Team Captain: Vlada Silni

Team Spotlights and audio interviews with various New Eden Open teams are available at Wunder Bet’s team overview.                     

Go here to watch the New Eden Open, live from 18:00 UTC at December 1st and December 2nd! During the broadcast we will also discuss our upcoming expansion EVE Online: Retribution.

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