Boredom, The Anti-Blockade

Logged into Eve after a super cold refreshing shower. Six hours of beach and volleyball has taken it’s toll and I’m anxious to sit in one place and not move for a while. It’s a tough life isn’t it?

The corpmates are on and buzzing about, running PI and setting up industrial…things. I am still rather ignorant of the whole operation. Anyway our lo-sec static connection is to a useless system in Gallente space. It is a lo-sec island surrounded by hi security space that is less than appealing to me. We decide to collapse it, which is a new trick for me. I understand the mechanics behind it, but have never been confident enough to put it into action.

Oz and Mel get to work while I rat out the static. My security status has plummeted these last few weeks, I need to make a serious effort to get it back up. We finish off the wormhole and I grab my Anathema to scan out the new one. Just as I jump back into the HQ system after scouting our new connection we spot a Manticore blip on the direction scanner in the HQ system. Oz was sitting on the new static wormhole so he must have come from a new one. I launch my probes again and quickly scan down a new K162 connection to a class 4 system.

As I jump through to the C4, I’m greeted with a less than friendly welcome. An Armageddon is parked on the wormhole. Luckily I’m far enough away from him and the wormhole to be able to activate my cloak and burn away from them. Just as I’m reaching a safe 30km from the hole and battleship, a Devoter and Jaguar show up. This isn’t looking good. The Devoter jumps through the hole, and my isolation in a hostile C4 begins.

After the initial shock of seeing the hostile ships wears off it occurs to me to have a look at the d-scanner. Hmm, This doesn’t look very promising at all. Dominix, Armageddon, Velator, Orca, Archon, Ibis, Scorpion, Revelation, Bestower, Oracle, Dominix, Dramiel, Hurrican, Jaguar, and a Scimitar. That’s quite a fleet. No, this is a fucking dread fleet. This is going to be a serious problem. Our only saving grace is that the capital ships won’t be able to pass through our small wormhole, which is really all that is stopping them from obliterating our towers and ships if they wanted to.  The corp gets eyes on the HQ side of the wormhole and as I suspected the Devoter is parked on the hole with his warp disruption bubble up.

I decide to be as productive as possible while in a covert ops ship in someone else’s wormhole. I find a remote spot in the system and launch probes to start scanning down the dozen or so signatures that are present. I also locate their tower and park my ship a good 200km away from it to watch what is going on. I’m a little less frightened now. The hostiles only have about 4 or 5 pilots online from what I can tell. Only the Dramiel, Scimitar, Devoter, Jaguar, and Hurricane are actually being piloted.

I scan down an absurd amount of ladar sites in the C4 but there are no other wormholes present. The only way out is heavily guarded. This isn’t going to be pretty. Scanning all of those anomalies has eaten up quite a bit of time however, and luckily for me the blockade is lifted. Boredom is my ally in this one. I notice the Devoter and Dramiel that were previously in the HQ system back in the C4. It’s now or never! I rocket to the wormhole and dive through. Success! Glad to be home! The last thing our killboard needs is another loss this month.

Back to Flight School

I log on again a few hours after the server crash. Unfortunate how that happened, but Oz and Azx are waiting for me and quickly shuttle me through two wormholes and into hi-sec space. They tell me they filed a petition and have a way to teleport us back to our home w-space system. Great! I have a few things to take care of in hi-sec and then an easy trip is in store for me to our home system.

I’m particularly in the market for some skillbooks. Exciting skillbooks nonetheless. My propulsion jamming V skill is just about finished and it’s just about time to buy the official Heavy Interdictor skill. Not only that, but I realize how close I am to being able to pilot a T3 cruiser! How did I not notice that before!? I’m very excited as I map out my skill planner for the next day and a half and realize I’ll be able to pilot both the Legion and the Devoter within 24 hours.

My shopping spree over, I get back into w-space and start looking for some trouble. Not much going on in the home system. I find a C2 neighboring system and jump in to look around. Two towers in the system, and there is a bubble just off our wormhole which lets me know that the locals here are aware of my home system. I scan down the two towers, both have a handful of ships floating in them, only one Buzzard is actually piloted and it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon.

I warp back home, and then move out into our lo-sec connection. Odd, the system it spit me out in is only two jumps away from our last static lo-sec. I move into Akora and start hunting. It’s a crowded system. There are a handful of towers around and a bunch of ships are up on the d-scan. Checking through the local channel, it doesn’t appear that many pilots are from any one corporation and I decide I can probably get away with a quick kill if I’m patient and attentive.

Wrecks are littering my d-scan, someone must be out ratting. I warp into a belt and see two wrecks floating there. Just then a Worm jumps in and moves quickly to one of the wrecks and starts salvaging. Why isn’t is he on my overview? I click on him manually as my ship accelerates towards him. I’m still cloaked and he has bad salvaging skills so I have some time. I get within 10km decloak and…he’s gone. Damn! There’s no way he warped off that fast from seeing me, I immediately cloak again and turn my camera to see an Armaggedon in the belt with me. Oh! That’s probably why he warped off. Man am I glad I have a cloak on. I hurry out of the belt as well.

I examine my overview settings. I can’t believe all the ships got deselected somehow. I must have loaded a strange overview file when I was running missions earlier after the crash. Sure enough the ships are deselected. No good. I switch them back on and double check the rest of my overview files to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

It looks like this system is a little too hot for me this evening. I make it back to our home system and monkey around with some planetary extractors before deciding I’m tired and hit the hay. Tomorrow should be interesting considering I have two new ships to start buying and fitting out. Never thought I would see the day were I was sitting in a T3!