Pilot History

A brief history of my capsuleer career.

My capsuleer career started fairly early in the Eve timeline, I think sometime back in 2006. But it should be noted that while my employment history may appear robust, it is actually pox-marked with time spent away from the Eve universe, sometimes years at a time. I think all capsuleers become burnt out at some point in time, or in my case, unmotivated by the monotony  of level 1 missioning and salvaging. It’s common for people to take day, week, or month long breaks. However I think it is safe to say that the Eve bug has finally bitten me for good.

I started my Eve career as a mission runner. I built the character for combat and that’s what I was going to do! My lack of understanding the game or bothering to research mission running led to a very frustrating time, which may have been about the same time I decided to give mining a try.

I would not classify myself as a miner, although as I browse through my skills tab I cringe at the hours of lost combat training time I’ve spent to get into the Hulk and Mackinaw. Mining lasted half as long as mission running, but by this point I had found my first real corporation, and it really opened up the game for me. Flying with a group of buddies really saved the game for me. That corp kept me me in the game, and I urge any player who is thinking about quitting to try a corp (or a new corp) first. It really is amazing how the people you fly with influence the quality of your time in-game.

The corp flourished, and grew to a respectable size. I began to grow tired of the empire high-sec corp life though. The first few mining escort sorties I flew were fun, but after half a dozen event-less missions, I realized without a war dec things would continue to be slow. I did manage to bash on a pos (in a Maller if you can believe it), and was finally introduced to PvP. It was a religious experience. A short-lived one mind you, but religious all the same. I decided then and there to make a more concentrated effort to get into PvP.

Enter faction warfare.

I’m a role playing buff (D&D, LARP, you name it), and the fluff generated by the zealous ancient empire of Amarr was too much for me to ignore. I enlisted in the 24th Crusade and joined a Role Playing Amarr Corporation. We set out to the lo-sec territories and waged a bloody campaign. I fought against the MinMatar rebels for months, and loved every ISK burning minute of it. I flew in big fleets, solo, and everything in between. I won a few fights, lost a lot more, and learned a lot about combat and Eve specific tactics.

Fleet compositions were marginal at best. Typically one scout would find a blob and amass their own blob only to sit on opposite sides of a gate most of the time. Not to say large engagements didn’t happen, but they were few and far between. The constant rush and wait feel of factional warfare soon left me worn out and looking for something new.

About the time I ran out of money from constantly losing ships on the front line of the war, a few of my old corpmates had moved nearby starting their own corp. They quickly talked me into joining and so began my move into a more industrial career. I started a little manufacturing and eve research and development.

The corp started with a few core members, but there was constant pressure to expand and soon our ranks were full of pilots I didn’t know or care about particularly. We also joined an alliance, which only made us core members feel more distant from each other as PvP pilots were separated from industrial pilots and so forth.  This ground away at me for a year or so. I was put in charge of a PvP division of the alliance which was fun, but a lack of enthusiasm and discipline left a bitter taste in my mouth. My morale diminished and my Eve time became sporadic.

Things were grim until my best Eve buddy Oz came around again. He had started a new corp with some of our favorite pilots from the old corp. He was also all fired up about worm hole space (w-space).

A few months later and here we are. Firmly established in a class 3 (C3) wormhole. Let the adventures begin…

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