Welcome to Internet Gaming

So I logged into Eve this evening after not getting enough sleep, a long day in the field, and a 6-mile run. I find a battleship rat in my second belt and it looks like everything is going my way for an easy night of gaming. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be the case for long. Very shortly after finding the BS rat, three corpmates appear in my system. None of the ships are very interesting, just a cargo cruiser and two blockade runners. Looks like a PI fleet to me and I’m right… for once.

I dock at the local station and grab the Pilgrim. I head out and start my scanning and find the cruiser fly off to planet 4’s customs station. I give chase. At 24km I decloak and start to lock. I get the lock and the warp disruptor goes live. My drones deploy, but the pilot manages to warp away. Damn warp-core stabilizers. Oh well it was a fun attack and I scared the pilot off for a bit at least I’m sure. Then the teenage insult vomiting starts in local. At first it sounded like everything I hate about the online gaming community. Young boys spewing insults they barely know the meanings of. It’s just sad and annoying and offensive at times. I really wish we would grow out of it. Halo was fun guys, let’s move on. I included the convo below for all your entertainment!

[01:05:13] Vultirnus > hence the warp stabs
[01:08:55] Crieton > JESUS
[01:09:00] Vultirnus > ?
[01:09:02] Crieton > USELESS FUCKS
[01:10:03] Vultirnus > it is a role playing game you know
[01:10:08] Crieton > no it isn’t*

[01:10:15] Crieton > it’s an anal rape game        (He has a point here)

[01:10:19] Crieton > this shit isn’t pretend
[01:10:23] Vultirnus > hahah well it’s that oo
[01:10:29] Crieton > come to the station ankles grabbed
[01:11:14] Vultirnus > why don’t you take your 13 year old raging hormones and go play some league of legends
[01:11:21] Crieton > better idea
[01:11:37] Crieton > I know your corp has towers in the system…. I know what you’re harvesting
[01:11:50] Crieton > how about you come back here and appologize to lenoor and maybe you keep them
[01:12:03] Crieton > that shit was fuckin’ rude
[01:12:20] Vultirnus > attacking someone in lo-sec is rude?
[01:12:24] Vultirnus > seems pretty straight forward to me
[01:12:37] Vultirnus > why do I have to apologize, she got away just fine
[01:13:03] Crieton > you’re gonna make me check my system logs aren’t you
[01:13:27] Vultirnus > uh
[01:13:29] Vultirnus > no?
[01:14:22] Vultirnus > if you don’t like getting attacked, stick to hi-sec carebear
[01:14:24] Crieton > I don’t hear an apoology
[01:14:38] Crieton > bitch please
[01:14:53] Crieton > I’m not pretending
[01:15:01] Vultirnus > oh good
[01:15:04] Vultirnus > i thought you were
[01:15:14] Vultirnus > you’re street speak is very intimidating
[01:15:39] Crieton > are you role playing now?
[01:15:54] Crieton > you wanna play marcellus wallus and the gimp?
[01:16:01] Crieton > <=- Marcellus
[01:16:24] Lenoor > wait, isnt marcellus the one who took it in the butt?
[01:16:29] Vultirnus > hahahaha
[01:16:57] Vultirnus > i haven’t seen it in a long time i don’t remember
[01:17:02] Crieton > I dunno
[01:17:06] Crieton > doesn’t matter
[01:17:15] Vultirnus > well, i mean it kinda deflates your verbal attacks

Sleepers, Sleepers, Everywhere…

I log on after a really long day at work. I’m exhausted but I’ve managed to carve a few hours out of real life obligations to get to work in Eve. I see Snow and Kap are online and from the sound of it, Snow is trying to teach Kap the intricacies of planetary interactions.

Ah I remember being in his shoes like it was yesterday. I attend to my own planet’s needs. While moving my resources around I realize a large processing array I had constructed for POS fuel production a long time ago more or less remains dormant from day to day. I hit the books and find a new product I’m interesting in producing. A mere 20 minutes later has the infrastructure in place for my new industrial textiles factory. They don’t sell for much, but there was extra room on the grid, and the demand from my research shows some real potential.

New enterprises raised, I decided to check in on our neighboring C3 system. My Purifier enters the warp bubble and accelerates towards the bookmarked worm hole. The other side is tame to say the least. No ships, no probes, a derelict tower. Not much going on here. I see a few of the easier anomalies are in this system and decide to give those a go with my Harbringer. I figure why use up our system’s anomalies when I can easily steal it from the uninhabited neighbors?

I just about get through the second wave when I notice a probe pop up on scan. Time to leave! I’m lucky this pilot isn’t very intelligent. He should have seen both my ship and the wrecks on his scanner and run a blanket scan with his onboard scanner to find the anomaly I was in. I assume he launched his probes from further out and moved them into my d-scan range.

Either way I’m long gone before he finishes scanning. In fact I’m back in the system in my bomber. Kap is on our side of the wormhole in his Taranis just in case he decides to show himself in the home system. A Helios briefly shows up on scan. We wait around for another 10 minutes or so before deciding he isn’t interested in playing and we get back to what we were doing.

I finish up my anomaly and run one in our home system before calling it a night. The Sleepers continue to mangle my Harbringer every time those battleships show up. I can’t wait to get into my new strategic cruiser, but Oz won’t let me bring it into w-space until the super expensive armor repair module is fitted properly. Sigh, oh well. Nothing to do but log off and get some sleep. Hopefully tomorrow will be more exciting.

Void Doesn’t Begin to Describe it…

October 3, 2011

00:27 I log in to an empty home system, no corpmates online, no ships on scan. A few new bookmarks are all that greet me at our tower. Pickings are slim to say the least. Only two anomalies and a ladar site. Might as well harvest some gas, some corpmates should be logging on soon and then I can do something more productive.

To say I got lazy with my d-scan would be an understatement. After 20 minutes of continuous updating with not a thing showing up my vigilance began to falter. I spent some time tweaking PI installations which got another extractor head on Planet I out of it. Good thing, I needed more non-cs crystals.

02:41 Forget this. Obviously it’s a Vult solo act tonight. I pack up the gas mining operation and grab my Pilgrim out of the hangar. I decide to go into the neighboring lo-sec system to find something to hunt. I get spit out into Shach, a lonely little unpopulated system in the Derelik region. It is nestled in a nice little lo-sec constellation though so I decide to move on to another system.

I move from system to system, scanning down what I can, looking for anything that may be interesting. A few systems have a lone pilot in local, but no ships on d-scan. I assume they’re sitting in stations and move on. I warp into the Arena system. One pilot on local, nothing on d-scan. But wait a minute, there are no stations here, he must be in space! I cruise around for 15 minutes or so d-scan pumping, but not turning up anything. Probably a stealth ship in a safespot. No need to waste anymore time. I warp to another gate to see what I can find elsewhere.

I end up at the end of the lo-sec chain in Bairshir. The d-scan spits out a few dozen mission NPC wrecks. Well at least someone is out doing something. There is one pilot in local so I decide to warp around to see if I can get any ships on d-scan. No such luck, he’s probably in the station now. I warp around scanning for another 20 minutes or so before deciding to call it a nig…A PROBE! Finally a ship on d-scan. He must have undocked from the only station in the system. I warp to within 100km of the station to hopefully watch him warp towards a belt to go ratting.

Sure enough there is the Probe, about 138km away from me. I watch intently, gathering intel on the pilot as I watch for any sign of him warping off. I’m practicaly drooling over the thought of an easy kill, until I notice the cyno bubble open. Within seconds the grid is full of very large scary ships. Well, not going to be much I can do about that. I watch the fleet dock up in the station before warping off myself to find my way back home.