The Little Gang That Could(n’t)

Another day in w-space, and surprisingly another day with the whole corp on at the same time! We must have easily brought in over two billion isk this weekend. Way to go team! We quickly wrap up the few anomalies we have in the system and clear out our new radar site. I hate to say it, but I was feeling so productive I even hopped into the Hulk and mined a bit of the grav site we currently have in system!

It doesn’t last long though. Eventually everyone starts getting an itchy trigger finger, and with nothing left to do in the HQ system but break rocks, ideas for a lo-sec roam start to flow in comms.

I pull up dotlan and take a quick survey of where our static dumps us. We’re in Caldari space, somewhere near some factional warfare systems. That seems promising! Pilots looking for fights are bound to be zipping around the constellation right? We decide to bring nothing but frigates and destroyers since we know that the minor FW sites won’t let anything bigger through their acceleration gates. Once the crew is ready to go we head out.

I had forgotten how badass it feels to fleet warp through systems. Watching a whole fleet of ships fall out of warp on a gate at the same time usually sends locals running. We buzz around our static system for a while looking for some prey, but quickly realize our tech 2 frigates aren’t allowed through minor complex acceleration gates, which puts a real dampener on our party.

I move us a few systems over to an area I know will have some action. We find a couple of single frigates in minor complexes but never seem to get the timing right. They are just too far away by the time we get into the complex to point them. We will have to re-evaluate our strategy for the next time we’re around FW systems.

After a few hours of roaming we’re all getting pretty tired, and I have some planetside business to attend to shortly, so I start directly the fleet back to our static connection. On one of the gates we find a Stabber – Fleet Issue cruiser. The pilot locks me as we begin aligning to our next system. I’m more than happy to let her fire first if she wants to. Our tiny ships cannot aggress an enemy near the gate guns. We would be vaporized in short order. If she wants to take the guns on while engaging us, well I feel pretty confident that would end well for us.

Of course she doesn’t fire and neither do we. I punch the warp and our fleet heads to the next system. Interestingly enough our little cruiser friend is in tow. She follows us for a few jumps, so we begin to taunt her in the local comm channels. The fleet is giggling to ourselves. We know in a few more jumps there will be a lot of confusion on our tail’s end when we warp to a wormhole and disappear. A clever prank to be sure.

We end up in our static connection system and align to the wormhole waiting for our new friend to warp in so we can show off how clever we are. For a minute we think maybe she gave up, or perhaps was intimidated by the ‘surprise’ we said was waiting for her in this system. But then the gate fires and she manages to catch a glimpse of us fleet warping to a random point in space and vanish from the local channel.

It’s not a kill, but at least it was entertaining.

Drake Party

I log on today and finally hook up with Oz and the crew. We exchange bookmarks and I gather up my missioning loot to sell in Amarr. I make a modest wage for two nights of minimal work and set the autopilot on its 14 jump course to our worm hole connection. I settle in to finish some work while I listen to Aura take my ship home.

As I’m reading through part of my spreadsheet, a more complex formula that I would have liked, I realize the sound of a webifier is clearly audible through my computer speakers. I find that interesting, I’m in hi-sec, I wonder what’s going on. I switch windows just as the first volley of fire hits my shielding.

Damn Gallente, still holding a grudge I see. My shields evaporate almost immediately and the blockade runner’s armor is no match for the Navy barrage heading my way. I target the system’s star and start spamming the warp button. Another volley of damage, my armor is gone and I can see a sliver of red on my structure overview. This is going to end badly, in fact I’ve already started cursing into my mic before the ship finally enters warp.

By the skin of my teeth I made it out of the killzone. I quickly warp back to the gate and jump through. Thank goodness the navy forces take such a long time to notice your presence! Looks like I’ll be flying manually from here on out. I safely navigate through the last of Gallente space and into the lo-sec system with a bookmark to our home wormhole system.

Back in the home system I set out to mine some gas, and attend to my planetary facilities. With no wormholes to our system other than our static lo-sec system, I’m not too worried about anyone finding me. I harvest a good amount of gas before getting too bored and decide to hop back into my ole’ faithful Pilgrim. I head out to the lo-sec system to see if I find something to shoot.

I end up in Obalyu with another pilot in local, and a Drake on d-scan. What a party pooper. I swear these drake pilots know I’m coming before I even undock. This particular lo-sec chain is odd having only two lo-sec systems before connecting with hi-sec again. I move to the next lo-sec gate and find a pair of wrecks with a few abandoned drones floating about 20km off the gate. Looks like I just missed a party. I jump through to the Parts system to find three more people in this system, and another Drake on scan. You’ve got to be kidding me! Does the Caldari State even make any other ships anymore? Before the void can not answer my question the Drake vanishes from my scanner. Hmm…

I hit some other lo-sec systems nearby while dodging the Gallente Navy. I find an empty system and decide to kill some local pirates to pass the time. A little security standings boost wouldn’t hurt, especially in this neighborhood. Soon enough the belts are cleared and it’s time to head home. I manage to catch a Hurricane finishing off a Vexor at one of the lo-sec gates. I figure I have a decent chance at taking the Hurricane with two tracking disruptors fitted, but decide against it with the amount of traffic in the local comm channel. I warp back into my worm hole and pack it in for the night.