Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Apparently I had been complaining about not having enough action in the home system a little too loudly…

I logged in today to find Oz and Azx online in the POS, not getting anything done, as usual. But something is different. Azx has a strangely more intimidating aura about him, but I can’t quite put my finger on it. I think it has something to do with the little red box with a skull next to his comm channel portrait. Apparently I had just missed some fun.

Between the giggles and joking I came to find that the pair had happened upon a capsule in the home system earlier today. They gave chase, and found a Rifter on the lo-sec side of our static worm hole. Oz immediately engaged and obliterated the ill-fated ship with little trouble, managing to snag and destroy the pod as well. It was later discovered the frigate actually had nothing to do with the capsule seen previously. The poor pilot was literally less than 24 hours old, but Oz’s bloodlust didn’t seem to mind, as another corpsicle was added to our collection.

The system was however quite again, so we decided to run some anomalies and be productive for a while. At least until a Cheetah shows up on our d-scan. We race back to the tower and hop into our combat appropriate ships. I choose my Devoter anxious to put her bubble to good use. I warp to the static and set the bubble up orbiting the wormhole while Oz scans the system suspecting a new signature to be found. Sure enough another wormhole has appeared in our system, and this one leads to Gallentean hi-sec empire space. The blockade is moved to this new wormhole. A few minutes go by and then the local comm channel springs to life.

Apparently our visitor does not like his chances against the ships buzzing about his exit out of w-space. We had been monitoring d-scan thoroughly and knew he hadn’t put any probes out, and thus was unable to find the lo-sec static so far. His diplomatic intentions were worth a try, but we were in no rush to accommodate him.



I tried extending an olive branch, but it was refused. Twice to be exact. The blockade continued for another 20 minutes or so. The stealth ship not making an attempt at the wormhole, and us refusing to just let him go. But our patience began to falter and we offered to remove the blockade. Unfortunately for him, he took his sweet time getting to the wormhole. His staling allowed Oz and I to get the idea of parking bombers 30km off the hole, and blasting it as soon as we saw the Cheetah decloak to activate the hole.

Enter blockade stand off number 2. The Cheetah pilot was watching his scanner closely and saw Oz and I hop into our bombers. This new tactic put the brakes on him moving anywhere near the hole. Another 15 minutes goes by and Oz decides to move an alt into the hi-sec system to make sure no enemy fleet is preparing to ambush us.

Not five minutes goes by before Oz yells into the comm that a fleet of 10 Legions is warping into our system. Our forces pulls back to the tower, clearly outgunned for the time being. Trash talking begins on both sides and real life duties are beckoning, so I go afk in the hopes that the rabble is dealt with by the time I get back.

It’s about 3 hours later and the home system appears quite. I scan down our new static and make sure to keep an eye on my watchlist to see if our visitors from before are online. Two are, but I’m confident that I can warp into k-space in my pod without getting caught. I fly to Amarr to grab my new Pilgrim and navigate it safely back to our home system and tower.

As I’m fitting the last module on the ship, a Broadsword and Buzzard appear on my directional scanner. I had been planning on running a few anomalies before calling it a night, but the arrival of more ships has ruined the mood. I’m content in knowing we at least got to fool around with a few hostiles and the encounter was fun even if not particularly violent, and log off for the evening.

Wormholes Are Lonely Places

It’s been a while since I’ve had serious contact with my corpmates. Real life comes before Eve, I’m all to familiar with the story. It doesn’t make the empty home system any easier to bare however. I log in to silent comm channels and an almost empty system.

I scan the two unknown signatures down in a few minutes. Our static is situated convientently right on the border of hi-sec space in Minmatar’s Metropolis region, a mere six jumps away from Hek. Great, if the entire Minmatar Navy didn’t have order to shoot me down on site. The half a billion isk worth of sleeper loot sitting in our hangar encourages me to make the trip anyway. After I add one more anomaly’s worth of loot to the bin.

I grab my Legion out of the hangar and warp into the anomaly. The great thing about having a static wormhole right on the border of hi-sec is no one is looking for wormholes there. Experienced pvpers are usually just passing through on the way to empire trade hubs, while less experienced players are just getting their feet wet with low security systems and not especially worried about a wormhole they need to scan down.

Both the anomaly and the selling go off without a hitch. Nuru has logged on at this point, but he is still attending to matters in k-space. I decide to replace my recently lost pair of pilgrims and get it fitted. The hour is late though, and I doubt I have another 40 jumps left in me for another round trip to Amarr. I resign to turn in early in the hopes that working from home tomorrow will allow me some extra time to pick it up soon.

Maiden Voyage

The day has finally arrived. My faith in God and Empress has been rewarded.

This evening finds myself in hi-sec when I log in. I had run a few missions after everyone logged off for the day. Oz is on the comm network and alerts me to the fact that our new static is up and he’s scanning it down. I hop into my Abaddon and run another mission to help out my ever failing wallet balance.

The static turns out to be a juicy 1 jump from hi-sec Caldari space and only 5 jumps from Jita. This couldn’t be a better time to bring my newly finished Legion back into the worm hole system! With much celebration the newly commissioned ISS Hades’ Scorn undocks from the holy armory and begins its maiden voyage through the stars.

My time in New Eden is limited this evening. Most of it is spent travelling back and forth between major trade hubs and the home system. We sold a tremendous amount of materials. Somewhere over the 1 billion isk mark. All in all a slow day, but at least it was a prosperous one, and the excitement of knowing the Legion is ready to go is almost more excitement than I can take.