Empty Wallets

I’ve been on the front for weeks now. It’s time to take a small break and head back to safer regions and resupply. My industrial infrastructure is still in tatters from the move out here and I’m really hurting to get that income source back up and running. I grab my blockade runner and head back to hi-sec.

It’s easy to find a space to setup shop. Only 2 jumps from my lo-sec entrance, with plenty of industry facilities around. Not to mention a plethora of active miners that don’t mind striking up a conversation in local. It’s always a nice way to pass the time. I’ve been dabbling with the idea of making some higher tech drones, considering how much I seem to rely on them day to day. The lower tech version are incredibly easy to make, and if I take the time to setup some planetary harvesting teams I should be able to make what I need without busting the bank. Maybe I can even turn a profit if I haul them out to lo-sec hubs for sale.

But first, I need some mineral stockpiles. I dust off the ole mining Hulk. I’m always amazed I can fly one of these considering how much of my time is spent training weapon skills. I warp to a few belts looking for some promising looking rocks and setup shop. I’ll never get over how strangely soothing this sight gets…


Fucking Gallente Space

Facepalm (v):

  1. To bring the palm of one’s hand to one’s face as an expression of mixed humor and disbelief or disgust or shame, for example, when one is caught off-guard with a particularly bad pun.
  2. To bring one’s face down to one’s cupped hand or hands.

There’s never a good loss. The blinking killmail attached to your character sheet after getting blown up is never something I’m proud of, but usually it isn’t accompanied by such a feeling of shame.

Just moments ago, my blockade runner was destroyed by the Gallente Navy. You know them. They’re those big NPC piloted ships that never do anything until I arrive in system. You might think they’re nice normal dudes. They’re not. They’re dicks and I hate them with every fiber of my immortal being. Talk about holding a grudge! I killed “some” (read as a few thousand) of their pilots a “long” (read as yesterday) time ago, and they still want to kill me every time I venture into their space.

It’s just rude.

What happened was I had decided to clean up some loose assets I had lying around the universe. One item was a good 20 jumps away, all through hi-sec and well I was sleepy. A catnap on autopilot seemed like a great idea. What’s the worst that can hap…

Oh right I could lose my fucking ship.

I’d like to say I’ve learned my lesson, but let’s be honest. The next time I need to make a 10 jump plus trip through hi-sec, I’m probably going to do it again. The good news of the day is that I’m finally trading in all my LP from the Ministry of Internal Order and buying a bunch of Imperial Navy Heat Sinks. Calculations show about 600 million isk profit, which will be handy since I need a new fucking blockade runner.

Most Efficient Use of My Time Ever

I log into Eve to find a very quiet HQ system. The corpmates are all asleep and I have the whole place to myself apparently. Better get to work! I hop into my Anathema and scan the system for any new signatures that may have popped up in the last four hours or so. Mel scanned around then and turned up a grav site and a static to the Omam system. It doesn’t look like we have any anomalies. Too bad, they are a fun quick way to make some serious isk.

I do manage to turn up a third signature though, and it turns out to be another wormhole. This one is a K162 and leads to hi-sec?! That’s weird, two hi-sec connections in as many days. What are the chances. This one dumps me out in Amarr space. Thank God. I’m so tired of dealing with the Gallente and Minmatar navies. I pull up my market hub bookmarks and to my surprise find I’m only two jumps away from Amarr itself!

I don’t need much more of an excuse than that. I head back to our tower and grab my Bestower. We have a good amount of loot in the hangar that needs selling and this is a perfect time to do so. I pile all of the sleeper tech and salvage I can find into the industrial hull and head off. We have a pile of gas harvested from ladar sites in the hangar as well, but I don’t have the cargo space to move it. Or I can’t be bothered with it right now.

As I jump into the hi-sec connection I check my cargo hold. The new value estimator at the bottom of the inventory screen is really cool. I’m cruising with about 600,000,000 isk worth of cargo, and after only two jumps it is all sold. Good ole Amarr, they always have good prices. With the corp coffers replenished I head back to the HQ and jump into the Pilgrim. I’ve done my productive stuff, it’s time to hunt.

Unfortunately lo-sec is not as thrilling a place as it could have been. I cruised through about a dozen systems and only saw one pilot. I’m not exaggerating. One. She was an alt of someone’s, created in 2009 and never having left her newbie corporation. I always find it amazing how lo-sec experiences can vary from day to day. I had a bit of nostalgia flying through this particular chain though. We were near Mod and Zinoo. A chain my first real corp used to call home. I think my first POS bash was even somewhere around here.

The fond memories are no substitute for action though. I kill as many blood covenant battleships as I can find and call it a night. At least I am able to help my security status out a little bit. Hopefully tomorrow’s static will be more interesting!

Drake Party

I log on today and finally hook up with Oz and the crew. We exchange bookmarks and I gather up my missioning loot to sell in Amarr. I make a modest wage for two nights of minimal work and set the autopilot on its 14 jump course to our worm hole connection. I settle in to finish some work while I listen to Aura take my ship home.

As I’m reading through part of my spreadsheet, a more complex formula that I would have liked, I realize the sound of a webifier is clearly audible through my computer speakers. I find that interesting, I’m in hi-sec, I wonder what’s going on. I switch windows just as the first volley of fire hits my shielding.

Damn Gallente, still holding a grudge I see. My shields evaporate almost immediately and the blockade runner’s armor is no match for the Navy barrage heading my way. I target the system’s star and start spamming the warp button. Another volley of damage, my armor is gone and I can see a sliver of red on my structure overview. This is going to end badly, in fact I’ve already started cursing into my mic before the ship finally enters warp.

By the skin of my teeth I made it out of the killzone. I quickly warp back to the gate and jump through. Thank goodness the navy forces take such a long time to notice your presence! Looks like I’ll be flying manually from here on out. I safely navigate through the last of Gallente space and into the lo-sec system with a bookmark to our home wormhole system.

Back in the home system I set out to mine some gas, and attend to my planetary facilities. With no wormholes to our system other than our static lo-sec system, I’m not too worried about anyone finding me. I harvest a good amount of gas before getting too bored and decide to hop back into my ole’ faithful Pilgrim. I head out to the lo-sec system to see if I find something to shoot.

I end up in Obalyu with another pilot in local, and a Drake on d-scan. What a party pooper. I swear these drake pilots know I’m coming before I even undock. This particular lo-sec chain is odd having only two lo-sec systems before connecting with hi-sec again. I move to the next lo-sec gate and find a pair of wrecks with a few abandoned drones floating about 20km off the gate. Looks like I just missed a party. I jump through to the Parts system to find three more people in this system, and another Drake on scan. You’ve got to be kidding me! Does the Caldari State even make any other ships anymore? Before the void can not answer my question the Drake vanishes from my scanner. Hmm…

I hit some other lo-sec systems nearby while dodging the Gallente Navy. I find an empty system and decide to kill some local pirates to pass the time. A little security standings boost wouldn’t hurt, especially in this neighborhood. Soon enough the belts are cleared and it’s time to head home. I manage to catch a Hurricane finishing off a Vexor at one of the lo-sec gates. I figure I have a decent chance at taking the Hurricane with two tracking disruptors fitted, but decide against it with the amount of traffic in the local comm channel. I warp back into my worm hole and pack it in for the night.

Part-Time Job

Last time I was on I had played into the wee hours of the morning. In my exhausted state I decided to remain outside the wormhole, declining to make the 12 jump trip back to my home system and resigning myself to a night of mission running this evening. I was fine with the decision, even excited to see I got a Blockade mission from my agent. I might be able to make some ISK yet! I fit the appropriate hardeners onto my mission running Abaddon and head out.

If only tanking like this could be so easy in PvP. The mission goes smoothly even if it takes a while. I had forgotten how boring mission running can be, especially by yourself. But with no corpmates online the options for getting back into w-space were slim. So while I exchanged broadsides with enemy battleships I opened up EVE-HQ to start putting together some fits for my new rides the Devoter and the Legion.

I’m leaning heavily towards the assault offensive subsystem for the Legion. Fittings I have come up for the ship have a passive buffer tank with over 100,000 effective hitpoints, 500 dps, and over 1,000 points of damage per volley (according to the Eve Fit Tool with all skills at level V). As much as I want a cloaking ship, I just can’t get that kind of combat potential out of the covert subsystems.

21 armor plates and a few rolled tungsten modules make me feel like the evening wasn’t a total waste of time. All in all not a bad night, perhaps not as productive as it could have been. I’m really excited about the new ships and can’t wait to max out some skills to really get them up to their potential. But for now it’s a salvage operation and a not so early night.