Foiled Again

I’ve never been so unhappy to see Oz in my entire existence in New Eden.

I had just logged on to find Mel online but afk. I also find a Covetor by its lonesome in our system! I immediately start grabbing the bookmarks out of our hangar to load them into my nav computer. I jump into my Purifier but he has already jumped from the system. Drats! Well I see he has a can and decide to park myself on the worm hole to wait for him to flash back if he decides to come get it again. I should have been smarter and sat on the can and waited for the hauler, but what can you do.

Sure enough he comes through the wormhole, I warp to the grav site he’s heading to but end up 67km from his can and his ship. I can’t close that distance before he warps off and leaves the system again. Disappointed I warp out of the asteroid cluster and then warp back to it, setting myself up to approximately where I think his mining ship will park if he decides to come back.

Bob is really on my side today! the Covetor is back, but he’s still a little too far for a successful bomb launch or torpedo salvo. I start working my way towards him, my heart racing. The kilometers are ticking down. He has no idea what’s coming. My mouth is watering, I can barely keep from shaking with excitement. Finally my first bomb launch that might matter! 40km, almost there…

Oz logs in. I use the watch function to see what the miner does, he shouldn’t know Oz is on but it looks like he does as his propulsion systems immediately come online and he warps out to the wormhole and vanishes again. I curse Oz out for a good 10 minutes for ruining such a prime opportunity. It turns out that he had engaged the same miner before. He must have gotten Oz’s name and added him to his watch list. Too bad.

I scan down the system, now that the fun is over. Oz logs off shortly after showing up, but a healthy group from the corp logs on shortly after that and we get to work mining the grav sites from our system. There is something strangely satisfying about having a real mining operation going on in your home wormhole system.

My Other Car is a Pilgrim

Today was torture. I’m working from home again and log onto Eve with my laptop while working on my desktop. Oz and Azx are online and just finishing up scanning down the neighboring wormhole sites. I check in with my planetary interface crews and then settle in to some more report writing.

The comms pick up almost instantly. Apparently there is a group of miners in the neighboring C2 system, and Oz and Azx are moving in for a raid. Writing becomes a little more difficult as reports of the raid come streaming in. A Coveter is destroyed, then a Hulk. The mining group is annihilated by our raiding forces and I can do nothing but sit and listen to the cheers as the ships explode.

So unfair.

The day continues with further skirmishes between the C2 inhabitants. Oz takes another frigate down before things start to quiet down. Looks like I’m going to miss out on all the action yet again. I put my PI on 1 hour turnovers to squeeze a few extra thousand units of resources out of them while I work on my real life obligations.

It’s 21:16 and I finally finish with report writing and settle down for a little Eve time. I’m the only one online, but the bulletin reports that a few of the C2 junkies have stolen a few of our anomalies. That’s all well and good but they’re nowhere to be seen now and I’m itching for a fight. I jump into my Pilgrim after killing a few sleepers in one of our ladar sites and hit the connecting lo-sec systems.

The system I jump into is empty. So is the one adjacent to it, and the one adjacent to that. Looks like it’s going to be another slow night. I decide to engage a few rats in Menri while I wait for someone to pass through. Not more than a few minutes pass before a Manticore shows up on my d-scanner. I like the looks of those odds. His frigate probably won’t last more than 10 seconds against my drones. I start d-scanning for him, I even see a wreck show up on the scanner’s screen which suggests he’s in a belt, but he leaves the system before I am able to track him down.

I decide to tail him, but never am able to make the connection. He’s not dumb enough to hunker down in a system when he knows someone is following him. I really hate the local channel, what’s the fun in being cloaked if they know I’m here?! Azx logs back in and we try to coordinate a search for prey but it’s already late and I have other obligations to attend to this evening. I make my way back to our home system again without a kill. Hopefully tomorrow will bring some new and more promising opportunities.