Fitting Theory – Sleeper Slapping Zealot

The other day I hit the googles to try to find a ship fitting that I could use to run anomalies in a class 3 wormhole by myself. I also wanted something that cost less than a Legion, which although great, is an expensive ship to be tooling around w-space in. After a bit of research I stumbled upon RiotRick’s Zealot fitting.

At first glance I was pretty skeptical about the ship’s ability to withstand the sleeper’s dps. To be honest I’m still a little skeptical although he does provide a little video showing off the fit in action. This fit is really starting to grow on me, and it’s not simply because it costs a quarter of what a Legion does. This fit utilizes a very uncommon form of tanking that I intend to do a lot more research on. The idea is to make a ship with a relatively small signature radius that is fast enough to mitigate a substantial amount of damage from equal sized ships. This fit clocks in with a signature radius of about 125 which is pretty small considering the punch you can pack with it.

5x Focused Medium Pulse Laser II (Conflagration M)

10MN Afterburner II
Large Capacitor Battery II
Dread Guristas Stasis Webifier

2x Khanid Navy Medium Armor Repairer
800mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
2x Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II
Heat Sink II
Capacitor Power Relay II

2x Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

DPS: 410
EHP: 25,800
Tank: 316
(Values from Eve-HQ)

It should be noted this is not a speed tank, not in the traditional sense anyway. Speed tanking is basically getting a ship to go so fast that you are out running the tracking speed of the enemy ship’s turrets. Sig tanking, as I like to call it, is rather getting the ship to go fast enough, that it’s small signature radius makes it very hard to do maximum damage on. Indeed the few times I’ve flown the ship so far have been hair raising since it looks like most of the enemy rounds are hitting my ship. They are in fact registering hits, but the damage is greatly reduced. So much so that a single armor repair unit can hold off the damage nicely.

There are a few short comings with the ship. You have to be very careful flying it around sleeper battleships. One wrong turn or drop in velocity and a BS round can punch an enormous hole in your otherwise weak armor. Remember this fit is actively tanked. It’s all about reducing incoming damage and repairing the rest. If the battleships time a turret round with missile while you make a reverse turn, you are in for a world of hurt. I generally am keeping away from anomalies with multiple battleships for the time being. At least until I upgrade the repair units from the T2 variants to the faction.

All in all it’s a great fit for fun ship when in w-space. It will never match the PVE supremacy of the Drake, but for an Amarr ship coming in under 300 million isk it does a surprisingly good job.