Anything For An Easy Isk

I ended up getting out of bed super early this morning. As I not so patiently wait for the server to come back online, I guess it’s as good a time as any to write another post!

Around lunch time the other day, while sitting at my desk in my office, my phone started buzzing with the ferocity of an angry hornet’s nest. The corp was off of work already, those damn Europeans, and gabbing away about what to do on Eve or other group computer games we play from time to time. This obviously did not bode well for my productivity as I immediately began to scour my favorite Eve blogs and other websites to satisfy my Eve lust.

Two frigates looking for a fight!

Two frigates looking for a fight!

Azx then sends me a message saying he has two friends who are thinking of joining the corp and want to get into some more pvp. They were thinking of putting together a small lo-sec roam and look for trouble that night. My mouth practically started watering. This of course made the rest of my workday drag on impossibly long. Five more hours until I can log in and pew pew!? How am I to survive?

But survive I did and I raced home on the not so cooperative subway to meet up with the gang. Sadly by the time I did get home, Azx’s friends were asleep. Luckily for me Azx is a bit of an insomniac and he was down for getting into trouble. So I grabbed a pvp fit Punisher and off we went. We spent hours looking for targets, and we found quite a few. The Chej and Fensi chain of lo-sec systems offers pretty good 1v1 or small gang pvp to those that are patient enough to look for it. Just watch out for Ami. The system is a chokepoint between Amarr and the rest of that chain and gets camped A LOT!

We spent a lot of time trying to scan down lone targets, but the prey was too wary and we never managed to nab one. We also found the most terrifying corp name to date (see image below). We did manage to kill a new rate who dropped a recruiter tag worth 25 million, which I won’t lie, was pretty sweet. During our flight though the conversation turned to a dark subject. Azx had recently heard of a pilot who was using a Scythe to gank mission runners. He was interested in giving it a try, and I told him I would be more than happy to help him scan down the mission sites while he engages the targets. It’s a profession almost as old as Eve itself and it works a little like this…

Basically it operates under a few assumptions. The first, that mission runners typically fly pimped out ships often with deadspace or faction modules fitted to them. You’re flying level 4 missions after all, you need to be able to tank a good amount of damage. The second assumption is that mission running ships are slow as shit and use big ass fucking guns. All of this leads to a ship that is very vulnerable against nueting speed tank ships.

Do not mess with this guy...

Do not mess with this guy…

But Vult, how can you attack a ship that’s in hi-sec without getting CONCORD’s attention? That’s easy, you get the mission running ship to fire the first shot. There is a huge number of characters in the game that do nothing but fly missions int he relative safety of hi-sec. A lot of these players don’t even understand how pvp works, or how kill rights work. As a result you can easily trick a lot of players, in very expensive ships mind you, into attacking you thus giving you the CONCORD seal of approval to blast them to tiny bits.

Little known fact in New Eden, IT IS NOT ILLEGAL TO SALVAGE A WRECK. If you loot it, if you open the container inside it and take something, that is illegal and the player who owns that wreck can fire on you. But salvaging the wreck itself is perfectly fine. I don’t understand the distinction from CONCORD’s perspective but whatever, it works to my advantage. So basically the idea is warp into a mission someone else is running. Target and salvage a wreck or even steal something from the wreck so you start blinking with a suspect timer. This WILL piss off the guy who just spent all that time killing the mission rats. He then shoots at you, which means you can shoot back. So long as you’re in a speed tanked ship with missiles or drones for damage, you’re going to be in good shape against that slow ass battleship. The rewards are you get enormous amounts of faction modules to sell!

So Azx and I are currently planning on giving this a shot to see what happens. It’s a relatively small investment and the rewards could be absurd. It’s not the most honest form of work, but honestly with the loot we could get from this, we just can’t pass it up. Damn! I’m done writing, but looks like it’s an extended downtime today so no early morning spaceships for me. Off to another long day at the office dreaming of Eve 😦