Slow Day at the Office

I signed in to find Nuru online and active. I check in at the corp bulletin for the latest news. It’s a quick read, not much has been going on. I upload the latest intelligence to my nav comm and give the system a quick blanket scan to see what it has to offer me this evening.

A Ladar site and two gravs. Nothing too exciting but I know we can at least make some money off of it. I hop into my gas suckling Maller and head to the Ladar site. I’m welcomed by a small fleet of Sleeper frigates and cruisers. Whoops! Looks like someone forgot to clear those out before posting the bookmark.

I short time later my Harbringer has dealt with the Sleepers. Nuru warps in with the Noctis to clean up the mess. I hang around to provide what cover I can. It all goes smoothly though and in less than time than you can shake a probe at I’m back in the cloud harvesting away.

It doesn’t take long for me to get bored, although thankfully this time I stay vigilant on the scanner. I happen to catch a Cheetah as it enters our system before it can activate its cloaking device. I pass the word on to Nuru who I thought was mining in a nearby grav site, only to find him afk at the pos when I warp back to the tower.

I don’t feel safe out there with a peeper watching me, so I grab the Pilgrim and hit the new lo-sec system we’re connected to in search of something to destroy. I spend a few hours jumping around with little to no action. I manage to find a Kestrel on the scanner in one system and narrow him down to a safe spot between two planets, but he decides to log before I am able to find his exactly position.

The only real excitement of the night comes when I warp to a gate on my way back to my home system. The warp bubble collapses just as a Prorator reaches the gate. We both jumped through at approximately the same time. I awaken on the other side of the gate just in time to see him move off and cloak. I burned towards him with drones out in an effort to find him but to no avail. Oh well. I pop a few rats in the lo sec chain and call it an early night.