Fitting Theory – Crucifier Tackling Fit

Hey all. Since I’ve been spending most of my time the last few days running missions in hi-sec I thought it was time to write up another quick Fitting Theory entry. Do not fear, I am by no means done with pvp or with writing about my roams through lo-sec. But I know that a blog about killing NPC rats in a mission is less than entertaining.

Speaking of the blog, I noticed some really interesting traffic to the site the last couple of days. One beautiful thing about hosting a blog through WordPress is you get to have a spatial representation of where your traffic is coming from on a daily basis. Now up until sometime yesterday, the traffic to this site from France had not been very high. All of a sudden it has sky-rocketed! The other strange thing is it doesn’t appear to be refers from other Eve-Online sites or blog rolls. It seems like someone got a URL and emailed it to a ton of people or something! I’m by no means complaining although if you are reading this and live in France please post a comment about how you found my site. I am dying of curiosity here!

Alright now that I’ve gotten that out of the way let’s get down to business. I wanted to post a tackle frigate that I have used a number of times and I’ve found to be very effective for a few reasons. Amarr has one big drawback when it comes to any ship, or at least any ship below a cruiser class. That drawback is a lack of mid-slots. Now we Amarr are almost always running armor fits so in general being short a mid-slot isn’t a big deal, but when you’re talking about a tackling frigate it becomes critical.

Any good tackling frigate is going to need three things:

  1. A micro-warp drive;
  2. A warp scrambler; and
  3. A webifier.

All of these modules fit into the mid-slot. Now maybe, and I mean a big maybe, you could get away without a MWD if you know where your prey is going to be and can just warp in to them. Let’s be honest, that almost never happens. This eliminates EVERY Amarr frigate but one (at least the last time I checked). The Crucifier makes for a great T1 tackler though (OK I just double checked and yes the only non-faction T1 frigate for Amarr with 3 mid-slots is the Cruicifier)! It may be Amarr’s only choice, but in all honesty I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Before I get into the pluses and minus of flying it let’s check out the fit:

[Crucifier, pvp tackler]
Damage Control II
Small Armor Repairer II
Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane II

1MN MicroWarpdrive II
Warp Scrambler II
Stasis Webifier II

Now you can alter the fit to your likely. Add a few rigs, maybe fit nuets or other similarly offensive modules. In all honesty if you’re flying a T1 frigate to tackle with, DPS is not a concern of yours. You have one primary objective: lock down an enemy ship for your fleet to kill; and one secondary objective: to screw with the ship in anyway you can once locked down (nuets, vamps, tracking disruptors, anything really).

So why do I like this ship so much? Well to be honest, it’s not intimidating. Most people in a fleet will not attack a Crucifier that shows up on the scene. This will buy you some precious seconds to close in on your targets. Many pilots and Fleet Commanders in general don’t realize just how destructive tackling frigates are in a fight until it’s too late. This ship is fast, agile and can speed tank/rep itself for long enough to ensure that your important ships are locked down and primaried. This ship also has another big plus. It’s cheap! In general no one uses this thing, and that makes it inexpensive. It’s also hard to deny that it just looks damn cool!