A Little Flash Goes a Long Way

I don’t know if I’m the only fly fisherman on Eve. I think the chances are not very good. Both hobbies require a lot of patience, at times extreme solitude, and our query is never a guarantee.  I tie my own flies, and there is a material a lot of fishermen use to help the fly catch the fish’s attention. It comes in all shapes and sizes, but it is generally referred to as flash. Flash is reflective material that bounces light all over the place in the water and is generally thought to help fish pick out the fly in turbid water or just grab the fish’s attention in clear water.

This latest update for Eve has thrown a lot of flash into the game, and although I loved where Eve was visually before, it is even better now. The new targeting reticles, explosions and GUI additions to the game are awesome. I’m especially a fan of the tracking feature that has been added, although the location for that button is very strange to me. Basically if you open your directional scanner and turn tracking on, whenever you highlight an item in your overview, the camera will pan to point in that direction. I think it’s a great little addition.

We also received a nice helping of new ships. In general I have been very pleased with the way the ship balancing efforts of CCP have been going. Doing away with the tier system is definitely a step in the right direction and these new destroyers that were just released are awesome! I am very excited to give a try at the new Amarr drone destroyer. Which is funny really, I never pictured myself being a drone boat kind of guy (whatever kind of guy that is…). I liked Amarr because of their lasers and thick armor. Not to mention their over zealous fluff. But I gotta say, the drones are a lot of fun to play with and dedicated drone boats can give enemy pilots a hard time. You can be fast and far away and still doing damage. It’s a lot of fun. Also for anyone interested there’s a pretty cool article on the concepts behind the new ship designs.

Anyway Vultirnus hasn’t been too exciting to write about lately. Mostly getting the PI running smoothly again. Keeping up with fuel needs of the corp and that sort of thing. I’m in the process of trying to get my security status up, especially with a few of the lamer empires. I don’t know what those Galls and Minnies have against me! Exciting news that I can’t remember if I shared or not, I’m finally officially a jump freighter pilot. Although I can’t afford a jump freighter :(. You’ll be excited to learn that I’m holding a special event! If you donate an Ark to me, you’ll get a special thank you eve-mail from Vultirnus himself! It’s a great deal. You should do it. Now.

Worth a try. Oh well, back to collapsing wormholes and popping rats.