Vultirnus realized he was conscience before fully awakening. His eyesight still eluded him, but sounds began drifting in and out of his mind like a swelling tide. At first the sounds were unfamiliar to him. Distant metallic voices and the distinct pinging sound of metal under tension. He opened his eyes but the light from inside his quarters immediately blinded him. 

“How long had it been? Where am I?” 

Memories slowly began slithering their way into focus. An explosion. The terror of feeling his pod eject into the empty void. Then, nothing. He slowly reached to the back of his head. The implants augmenting his brain were still intact. His pod must have escaped whatever carnage befell his ship safely. But how he ended up in his quarters in the Shuria system he could not recall. He picked up the nearby dataslat. Months had passed since he was last awake. How could that be? Vultirnus slowly dressed and made his way to the door of his quarters. 

“Looks like I have some catching up to do. But first I need a drink.”

Good lord I’ve been gone a while. Too long, but that’s how Eve seems to go for me. At times this game can feel like a second job. A second job that doesn’t seem to pay the bills even though I can be rolling in Isk (although that never seems to happen). Sometimes you just need to step away for a while.

Getting back into things it doesn’t seem like I have missed all that much. Our corp is still in w-space. We are still making isk, and I see a long list of kills and deaths in our corporation menu. Well at least someone has been having some fun. It looks like the Europeans aren’t getting on any time soon. I’m home sick (for 3 days now) and decide this is as good a time as any to brush the cobwebs off of my control panel and get back into the swing of things. At least new expansions haven’t come out. Last time I stepped away from the game I practically had to relearn how to play.

This time I manage to get my PI up and running again in a few minutes. I find my scan boat right where I left it and start scoping out what’s around the neighborhood. Doesn’t look like much. Some ladar, a few rocks, and not much else. Still best to go slow. I’m rusty, and space is dangerous. I also need a new Pilgrim. At least there is some focus. I head out our static and begin my journey back into the wonders of Eve!