DxTory and AVImux Fix (For Me)

I just wanted to put a quick post up on how I FINALLY got my audio setting to work the way I want them to. I started capturing in-game footage of my Eve-Online gameplay a few months ago, but have had a terrible time getting the videos to upload to YouTube with both the in-game audio and my mic’s audio. I’ve recently changed a few things around and it seems to have fixed all of my previous problems. If you’re interested in recording your gameplay feel free to try these settings out and see if they work for you too.

In DxTory I set my capture to the Raw format. There are lots and lots of videos on YouTube oh which codecs to use and all the other settings you can use in the program. Go check them out, because I don’t have the time to go through them all here. Now once you get the file recorded in the raw format, you need to convert it to something that your video software can use. I just use the RawCapConv utility that comes with DxTory. Once you output that AVI, or whatever file, you need to fix the audio. Again a utility that comes with DxTory does the trick. Use the AVIMux utility and select your newly exported video file. The trick is to make sure NO VIDEO CODEC is selected. I had set this to the same codec I used when capturing my video and the program would hang and often not work at all. If you turn the video codec off, the program works great, and instead of extracting the audio in tens of hours, you get it in a matter of minutes!

All that’s left to do is use a program like Windows MovieMaker to compile everything. Bring in the AVI video file and add the audio file you just created. Mix the audio so just the audio file you added plays and you’re good to go! Hope this ends up helping someone, because I searched Google for a long time and couldn’t come up with any answers so I’m very excited that I finally got everything working the way it’s supposed to.


Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The other day I was reviewing my killboard. A killboard that is currently bursting with the smoldering wrecks of miner hulls. Anyone who knows me, or has read a few of my blogs, will know that I’m not one to turn down even the easiest of kills. I get just as big a rush out of stalking and killing a miner as any other ship. The catch is, miners don’t really make me any money. They’re full of ore that I can’t fit in my cargo hold. They don’t use any modules that I would find particularly useful. And they don’t kill anything that would have given them loot that is worth a damn!

So the other day I decided to try something different. I found a Mackinaw in lo-sec mining and not watching his local. I stalked right up on top of him and engaged. But after I had blasted through his shields I called my drones off, and offered him a deal.

“50 mill and I’ll let you go.”

It makes sense for both of us really. I don’t want to waste my time killing him and not getting any money for it. He doesn’t want to lose his ship, and I make a little cash. It’s win, win! Sorta. Either way he paid up and I let him go. A success! I guess this means I’m officially a pirate now…

jolly rogers

A little later on in the evening I came across two Ventures. I’m telling you if you want to kill miners give me a call. I can’t seem to go on a roam without finding them these days. Anyway I know the Ventures have +2 to their warp strength, making it impossible to scramble them with a single module. But I figured these two were being dual boxed by someone so I decided to give it a go, hoping I could bump one of them out of their align and getting a Venture kill. It seems like the kind of trophy I should have on my wall right? I crept up on them and only decloaked when I was about 5,000 meters away. I just missed my bump and the first Venture warped off, so I immediately locked the second one. This one ended up being afk. My drones only took two shots at him before he exploded. I stole his loot just for good measure.

Ah another fine day of killing defenseless miners. Maybe someday I’ll find another foe worthy of fighting me!


Sneaky Roam

Last week Azx, Jakob, and myself set out to lo-sec in a fairly odd fleet. We were looking for something a little more interesting than our standard Tech 1 cruisers and frigates, so we decided to roll out some heavy hitters. Jakob and I both piloted Pilgrims, and Azx brought out his uber-cloak Proteus. It was a sneaky fleet and it caught a poor Omen and Coercer unaware. Well the Coercer was actually just afk on a gate, so I guess anyone could have snuck up on him! o\

The Omen we found ratting in our lo-sec area. He never had a chance. In fact we didn’t even manage to get all our ships there before Azx exploded his ship.

The fleet did seem to work pretty well though. We were able to move from system to system without spooking too many people and we could pick our targets at will. I think we’ll definitely see this fleet roll out again sometime soon. Although I have to be honest, it was terrifying flying an expensive ship like that into combat again! I’ve gotten so used to losing a few million at a time!

A few days after that encounter I caught a thrasher ratting in lo-sec with the Pilgrim. It was a really clever catch and I wish the video had worked. I’m still having trouble getting the mic and game audio to work right with YouTube. I use the AVImux part of Dxtory, but the program doesn’t have a load bar, it just hangs when I run it. If I let it run for like a whole day, then force close it, the file usually works. But it’s super annoying that it doesn’t have a progress bar that works and I have to guess how long to let it run before knowing if it’s going to work. Does anyone know of a program that does what the AVImux program does as a standalone software?!

Faux.Pas Tutorials?

Dear readers,

I wanted to put something to a vote. I think I’ve finally gotten my video capture technology sorted out. Apparently I can fly spaceships but can’t operate video software. After to talking to a few players in-game recently I was wondering if there was any kind of interest in me making short tutorial videos. My thinking is these would all be in relation/preparation for lo-sec pvp combat. I think all the videos would be on topics asked for by people reading the blog. It would basically be another category of blog posting, similar to the fitting theory posts I’ve done in the past. Let me know if there is any interest!

The Teacher Is In

So I’ve noticed an odd trend in my local lo-sec area.


The weirdest part is they aren’t always in the systems right next to hi-sec. Sometimes they’re way in there mining for god knows what. But none of them seem to know what they’re doing. They don’t align. They don’t seem to know what the directional scanner is for. They are the perfect targets, I just wish they dropped something more valuable. I might have to start ransoming them.

Ramming Speed!

Ramming Speed!

A few days ago I found a Procurer on his own in a belt. Oddly enough he was bragging in local about how he hasn’t been caught mining in lo-sec in years…just as my Arbitrator landed in the belt with him. Now sadly I had swapped out my warp disruptor thinking I would use the Arby just for ratting and really run from most pvp. Which I will never do again. So I had to use the “bump” warp disruptor. It was effective for the first couple passes but he eventually was spared my onslaught by a catastrophic misclick on my part that closed part of my HUD and let him get away. I certainly learned from my mistake though and have since refitted the Arbitrator with the proper miner killing equipment.

Then just today, Poor Mujachip Muja got caught in a belt, unaligned, and with his d-scanner apparently switched off. Not that it would have helped him. My Pilgrim inched closer to him cloaked and eventually I got my fangs into a miner for keeps. I also managed a video (smiley emoticon). Ignore the part where I forget where the tactical overlay is. I spent a little time in local chat explaining how I had found him and how to avoid getting killed, or at least how to make it harder for me to kill him. A lesson I hope I can pass on to all the newbie miners in lo-sec!

DON’T SIT IN A BELT UNALIGNED. I don’t care how safe you think you are. Pick a station, a gate, something! ANYTHING! Stay aligned at all times. And if you see someone enter your system and not immediately warp out, guess what. They are probably going to try to kill you. Just saying. I do it a lot, I would know. Learn from Mujachip. Don’t end up on Vult’s board of Violence.

Winter Expansion Announcement – And Other Goodies!

I’m sure it’s not news to most of you that CCP is planning on announcing their 2013 winter expansion in just a matter of hours. I’m so on top of my shit that I’m just getting around to posting about it now! Anyway at 20:00 Eve time, tune in to the CCP twitch channel for the official presentation. Should be pretty awesome, there are a lot of things to look forward to.

In other awesome news, SOMER Blink (it’s a lottery website that uses real ISKies to bid on real in-game items. Seriously it’s awesome, go check it out) is having an EVE Vegas Blink Blast Party (whew!) where players can win CURRENTLY UNRELEASED ITEMS!!! These include Guardian-Vexor’s, Tenth Anniversary Collector’s Editions, Golden Magnates, and Ishukone Watch Scorpions. Seriously these are awesome items and you’ll definitely want to get in on the chance to walk away with any of the prizes. Not to mention watching your wallet evaporate while gambling at work is really really fun, if not terribly productive for your employer.

And finally, on Friday September 27th, at 20:00 UTC, the mighty devs themselves will be stepping into our world. CCP Unifex will be leading a developer incursion into an unknown lo-sec system, and they’re planning on packing some serious heat. The full fleet fit isn’t know, but there will be at least three Marshal class CONCORD SWAT battleships in the mix. These events are always a blast (or at least that’s what I’m told), so try to get out there and pod your least favorite devs!

Call For Help

Hey readers!

This is a desperate call for assistance. I am trying very hard to get into the art of recording my Eve-Online fights and uploading them to YouTube with full audio. My problem is that DxTory is recording 2 audio channels (one for my mic, and one for the game play) but every time I upload it to YouTube one of the channels is dropped leaving me with very one sided commentary! If anyone has any information on how to fix this I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Baptism by Fire

Apologies for not posting in a while. My life has been a bit of a mess lately. Work has been pretty all-consuming with 4:30 am wake up times and 12 hour days. Ugh. Anyway we’re here now and we all have some catching up to do.

Faux Pas is starting to hum along pretty well. Attendance is still fairly light, we have a lot of members out on vacation or off starting new jobs and moving. But the drive of the guys I’ve seen online so far is promising. This corp is starting to become exactly what I wanted to; a stress-free group of guys who just like to fly together and have some fun. No obligations, no fuss, just lo-sec roams and some good fights. I won’t be able to recap all of the fights I’ve had since my last post, but I’ll try to give you some highlights.

palmfacepandaOne of my favorites was actually a sad loss. My personal friend Eno logged on for about an hour looking for me to bring him out and find a fight. Not always a patient person but I was in the mood for a quick fight too. He was in a Tristan while I brought out my Crucifier. I took him into one of my favorite lo-sec areas and sure enough we found a lone Retribution on the scanner. After a little time spinning the camera around, I think I have a lock on the ship and I warp the squad into the fight. Eno is still working on basics of Eve and pvp especially. Since his skill set is so low, his align times are significantly higher than my lightning fast Crucifier. Those agility rigs make a world of difference! Anyway I ended up on grid with the enemy ship on my own for a few seconds while Eno played catch up. I hit my warp disruptor and sent the drones off to war! I was doing pretty good damage but the tracking disruptors weren’t making much of a dent on his small pulse turrets. I should have known! At 15 km I can’t keep my transversal velocity high enough to out run his turrets, and in the heat of battle I didn’t think to switch to the range disruption scripts. I managed to fly out of his engagement range, right about the time that Eno landed on grid. Poor guy was in a poorly fit Tristan alone against an assault frigate. It didn’t take long for him to pop. The worst part was I hadn’t explained to him how the pod ejection system worked yet, so he got a nice quick trip back to his starting system when his pod popped!

Oops! Well at least I made it out alive. I wasn’t so lucky in the next fight. Highfive logged on and joined me for a lo-sec roam since his static wormhole connection was so close to where I was operating. We managed to find ourselves a Vexor to fight. It wasn’t a great target for his Stabber and my Arbitrator, but we were bored so we decided to give it a go. I made a fatal mistake and got within his web range which quickly lead to me getting blasted out of my ship. But I managed to get a good amount of damage in and Highfive was able to just barely finish him off! Unfortunately he took a little too long collecting his loot and managed to get himself killed by a Brutix that entered the same belt shortly after. Lesson learned. Loot and scoot, don’t hang around if you don’t have to!

2013. too long ago I was in one of my 0.2 systems looking for clone rats when I found a very young player trying to do the same. He must not be very used to using the directional scanner as I caught him in a belt pretty quickly. My Crucifier took him out of the fight entirely, not that he was really in it, while Highfive popped his ship in a Tristan. Really wasn’t much of a fight, but hey it’s always fun to get a kill! Soon after that we had our first official corp night. A night when the corp is guaranteed to try to get online so we can all go out and fly together for a while. We climbed into a pair of destroyers and frigates and headed out for a fight. I got a call on comms about halfway through our roam that a friendly was being chased by a Hawk, Retribution, Enyo, and Jaguar. That’s a lot of assault ships, but maybe with his tracking disruptors we would have a shot? We fleet warped to their belt and engaged the hostiles. Luckily the Hawk wasn’t there when the fight started. We primaried the Enyo and managed to bring him down before the T2 ships leveraged their firepower and systematically destroyed our whole fleet! It was bound to happen. Our pilots are still pretty new to pvp for the most part and we were horribly outgunned, but there’s no better way to learn!

It’s been a fun couple of weeks! I’m really excited to have some of the other corp members start showing up again after their respective real-life hiatuses. And I’m going to hold off on some of the videos for a while. I keep taking videos with 2 audio channels, one for the mic and one for the gameplay, but YouTube keeps cutting one of them out. And I get so distracted with the video stuff I forget to take screenshots so you’re left with a wall of text blog which no one enjoys. If anyone has any tips for encoding the videos let me know!

Fly Safe!

The Hunting Is Good

imagesMan it has been a while since I have posted here and for that I am truly ashamed. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks. The new corp is finally up and running and recruiting has gone really well so far! A couple of real-life friends and a good number of people from in-game have joined the Faux.Pas ranks and we’re out to have some fun! I’m really happy with the way things are going so far and can’t wait to see what the next few weeks are going to be like. For now it has quieted down a little. Almost all of our members are on vacations, or have recently moved, or have some other excuse for not being on a lot at the moment. So while I wait for everyone to get settled at our new home, I have been heading out for some hunting.

The killboard is starting to fill out nicely. On a roam with Azx we came across a Coercer who was drooling at the chance to take down two little frigates ratting in his system. We had split up to cover more belts faster, and as luck would have it, I managed to pick the belt he was in. The fight was fast and brutal, we locked each other down and I released my light drones while his first volley of laser-fire obliterated my shields! His second volley did less damage but still took me down to a few bars of armor. As my warning klaxons wailed my tracking disruptor finally started taking his turrets out of the fight. If there is one thing I know about Coercer’s it’s that they have no tank. Even my three little drones manage to quickly eat through his armor and his ship exploded just as Azx made it into the fray.

Trinity8A few days later I was out flying solo. I have to say I am loving my Arbitrator these days. It has the dps to take out clone rats, but allows me to do it in a way where I can move well away from the warp in point of the belt. So if someone does scan me down they end up a good 40-50 km away from me giving me time to assess whether or not I want to engage. Unfortunately for a Moa I came across that day, he was not that far from the warp in point. I had never really fought a Moa before. A solid turret boat, I wasn’t too concerned, but there is always a little apprehension when engaging a target you’re not familiar with. Needless to say I had no reason to worry. A relatively new pilot and a very poor fit means an easy kill. But not much loot to be had unfortunately. Luckily the transporter clone tags have gone back up in value and are currently hovering around the 47 million mark. My personal wallet continues to climb and I’m actually nearing the first billion I’ve ever had all to myself!

Later that same day I could not believe what my d-scanner was telling me. I was looking for rats in a 0.2 security system that was empty except for one other pilot in local. The only ship on my scanner? A Retriever. A lone mining barge. It must be unpiloted in a POS tower somewhere. But when I scan it to a 5 degree band at a planet with a belt, I can’t help but hope he’s mining. So I punch my warp drive and land 10 km away from the Retriever. He’s not aligned, has no drones, and isn’t moving. This guy is about to learn a lesson in afk-mining in lo-sec. My drones spill forth and obliterate the miner. I even rammed his ship just to make sure if he was warp stabilized he wouldn’t get away. Not an impressive kill, but the minerals he has on him is a solid couple of million which I won’t argue with. Not a bad day really, two kills and about 200 million in tags. I’ll take it!

The latest entry on the killboard is the most interesting, since I actually wasn’t involved in the kill. The day after finding the miner I find another one. But this one has a Corax escort with him. That’s fine with me, I’m pretty sure I can kill them both if one doesn’t warp away. I hesitate attacking as two new locals show up in channel. My trap sense is tingling, but I’m far enough away from these guys that I can call the drones out to attack and keep my distance to see what happens. Sure enough two Vexors arrive on the scene, but they aren’t there to help the miner and his friend. Both cruisers engage the Corax as the miner somehow makes his escape. The destroyer dies and I recall my drones while taunting the Vexors to give chase. I know I can’t take two Vexors, but that doesn’t mean I can’t have a little fun with them first. I’m not sure why this one ended up on the killboard though. I did damage the Corax, but I didn’t post it to the board. Eh what can you do.

All in all things are going great and I’m excited every time I log into the game again! It’s a great feeling. I was really worried about leaving the wormhole corp and how it would affect my relationships with those players, but they’ve all been really supportive and I’m having a lot more fun in game now than I have in a long time. Here’s to the future and some epic fights to come!