Emerging From the Depths

I have a feeling a lot of readers have been wondering the same thing lately:

Where the fuck have you been?

Fair question considering my last post wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving! The answer is slightly involved but I feel like I am somehow obligated to share it with you regardless. If you don’t really care where I’ve been or what I’ve been up to then by all means please leave me a “glad to have you back!” comment and be on your way. If you do care, or sadly nothing better to do with your life read on…


In short I took a small vacation from Eve. It happens about once a year as Azx will no doubt tell you. The fact of the matter is the blog was really successful this past year! So successful that I played a lot more than I usually do so I would be able to write more posts. This sort of led me to a dark thought that I’ve had multiple times during my years in New Eden. There comes a point that I bet most pilots have experienced where the game starts to take on the feeling of a second job. A job that doesn’t pay, give you health insurance, or vacation time. Basically I got home after my real job and sat down at my computer to log in hours for blog material. At first I did so eagerly since there was a new patch out and my readership really seemed to be taking off. But after a while I just got a little burned out from the whole thing.

Another part of it has to do with the corp. While I LOVE being a co-leader of my own corp that specializes in lo-sec guerrilla style combat, only having a couple members makes running events or doing anything particularly meaningful difficult.

On top of all of that I’m running a marathon in March and the training has been eating up a shit ton of time. Like seriously, all of my time. Running. Not to worry, this will be a one and only kind of thing!

So anyway after some serious nagging from Azx I’m starting to dust off the ole’ capsule and hopefully will be seeing you all soon!

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Faux.Pas Joins an Alliance!

Some very exciting news! A few days ago our young corp was approached by a fairly small but expanding industrial corporation. They were looking for some new pvp corps to join their ranks and help them during war decs and with some of their lo-sec mining operations. It sounds like an ideal setup, they offer us some free ships as compensation for security services and they help us get to some targets! It sounds like the perfect setup and I for one am super excited to see how it goes!

Faux.Pas Tutorials?

Dear readers,

I wanted to put something to a vote. I think I’ve finally gotten my video capture technology sorted out. Apparently I can fly spaceships but can’t operate video software. After to talking to a few players in-game recently I was wondering if there was any kind of interest in me making short tutorial videos. My thinking is these would all be in relation/preparation for lo-sec pvp combat. I think all the videos would be on topics asked for by people reading the blog. It would basically be another category of blog posting, similar to the fitting theory posts I’ve done in the past. Let me know if there is any interest!

Winter Expansion Announcement – And Other Goodies!

I’m sure it’s not news to most of you that CCP is planning on announcing their 2013 winter expansion in just a matter of hours. I’m so on top of my shit that I’m just getting around to posting about it now! Anyway at 20:00 Eve time, tune in to the CCP twitch channel for the official presentation. Should be pretty awesome, there are a lot of things to look forward to.

In other awesome news, SOMER Blink (it’s a lottery website that uses real ISKies to bid on real in-game items. Seriously it’s awesome, go check it out) is having an EVE Vegas Blink Blast Party (whew!) where players can win CURRENTLY UNRELEASED ITEMS!!! These include Guardian-Vexor’s, Tenth Anniversary Collector’s Editions, Golden Magnates, and Ishukone Watch Scorpions. Seriously these are awesome items and you’ll definitely want to get in on the chance to walk away with any of the prizes. Not to mention watching your wallet evaporate while gambling at work is really really fun, if not terribly productive for your employer.

And finally, on Friday September 27th, at 20:00 UTC, the mighty devs themselves will be stepping into our world. CCP Unifex will be leading a developer incursion into an unknown lo-sec system, and they’re planning on packing some serious heat. The full fleet fit isn’t know, but there will be at least three Marshal class CONCORD SWAT battleships in the mix. These events are always a blast (or at least that’s what I’m told), so try to get out there and pod your least favorite devs!

Call For Help

Hey readers!

This is a desperate call for assistance. I am trying very hard to get into the art of recording my Eve-Online fights and uploading them to YouTube with full audio. My problem is that DxTory is recording 2 audio channels (one for my mic, and one for the game play) but every time I upload it to YouTube one of the channels is dropped leaving me with very one sided commentary! If anyone has any information on how to fix this I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance for any help!

Faux.Pas is Born!

An exciting day to be sure! The new corp is finally up and ready to start accepting recruits! If you want to get in on the action now is the time!

Faux Pas is a combat and exploration driven corporation operating primarily in the Kor-Azor and Domain regions. Exploration of low security space, and the inherent combat associated with operating in such areas, is the primary source of funding for the corporation.

We are a new corporation and are looking to fill out our member roster! We are actively recruiting old and new pilots alike, although we are particularly interested in new pilots looking to get into exploration and/or PvP combat. If you are at all interested in exploration of lo-sec space, or roaming in a small gang of ships looking for targets of opportunity, read on!

What we offer:

  • A close knit cadre of pilots who put teamwork high on their skills list.
  • A place to learn PvP through practice not lectures, and we teach you more than just how to tackle!
  • A place to learn the in’s and out’s of exploration in the Eve universe.
  • A feeling of community.
  • The flexibility to keep your play style.
  • A dedicated Mumble server for communication.

Who we are looking for:

  • Pilots who aren’t afraid of combat, even if they don’t specialize in it.
  • Pilots who desire to work in a coordinated team often.
  • Pilots who are looking to make a career in Eve through exploration and PvP.
  • Pilots who are willing to leave their ego at the door.

How to Join:
Our application process is pretty straight forward. Contact Vultirnus or Azxvrt in-game to begin. You will be required to share your API for a background check and need a microphone for voice communications. Other than that our requirements are pretty loose, no skill point minimum required. New players are encouraged to join! We pride ourselves on helping young pilots learn the ropes. Eastern Standard Timezone (EST) pilots are preferred but we are currently accepting any timezones.

Join today!

100 Posts and Going Strong!

So I opened up my blog’s dashboard today and realized that I have posted 100 times for the blog! This is pretty nuts to me. This really just started as a side project so I could keep track of my adventures in Eve. I didn’t really think I was going to be publishing it out to the larger Eve community. Now I have 100 posts to my name and over 20,000 visits so far and 168 followers!! It is pretty awesome, thanks to everyone who visits, especially you weirdos that follow the blog. It means a lot to me to have you guys read and comment here! It’s really what keeps me doing it. Here’s to another hundred!

100th Post!

100th Post!

New Pastures – More Combat

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to give an update of the in-game happenings for Vultirnus. After a lot of talk with the fellow corporation members and enjoying the new time I’ve been spending in lo-sec space, I’ve made the decision to leave my current corp to start a new one. I’m still very much aligned with the A-TEV crew, no hard feelings were expressed. This is simply a way for me to get more combat in during my time in-game, as well as a way for the A-TEV crew to recruit new members through a “gateway” corporation that I will be running. A big reason for the change is that everyone in A-TEV currently is on Euro time. This means a lot of the time I spend in game I end up alone, since they’re all asleep. I love my corpmates, honestly I haven’t had more fun in Eve than with flying with them, but sadly I just don’t get to do that much anymore. This change should help get me some US timezone players to fly with who will hopefully then become part of the A-TEV family!

The corp hasn’t officially been formed, that is going to happen tonight. I’ll post the name sometime tomorrow probably with a link to the open recruitment thread that will go up in the near future. For now Azx and I need to get a few things sorted out and settled and find a new home system. But we’ll all be seeing you out there in lo-sec soon hopefully!


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