Emerging From the Depths

I have a feeling a lot of readers have been wondering the same thing lately:

Where the fuck have you been?

Fair question considering my last post wished everyone a happy Thanksgiving! The answer is slightly involved but I feel like I am somehow obligated to share it with you regardless. If you don’t really care where I’ve been or what I’ve been up to then by all means please leave me a “glad to have you back!” comment and be on your way. If you do care, or sadly nothing better to do with your life read on…


In short I took a small vacation from Eve. It happens about once a year as Azx will no doubt tell you. The fact of the matter is the blog was really successful this past year! So successful that I played a lot more than I usually do so I would be able to write more posts. This sort of led me to a dark thought that I’ve had multiple times during my years in New Eden. There comes a point that I bet most pilots have experienced where the game starts to take on the feeling of a second job. A job that doesn’t pay, give you health insurance, or vacation time. Basically I got home after my real job and sat down at my computer to log in hours for blog material. At first I did so eagerly since there was a new patch out and my readership really seemed to be taking off. But after a while I just got a little burned out from the whole thing.

Another part of it has to do with the corp. While I LOVE being a co-leader of my own corp that specializes in lo-sec guerrilla style combat, only having a couple members makes running events or doing anything particularly meaningful difficult.

On top of all of that I’m running a marathon in March and the training has been eating up a shit ton of time. Like seriously, all of my time. Running. Not to worry, this will be a one and only kind of thing!

So anyway after some serious nagging from Azx I’m starting to dust off the ole’ capsule and hopefully will be seeing you all soon!

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