DxTory and AVImux Fix (For Me)

I just wanted to put a quick post up on how I FINALLY got my audio setting to work the way I want them to. I started capturing in-game footage of my Eve-Online gameplay a few months ago, but have had a terrible time getting the videos to upload to YouTube with both the in-game audio and my mic’s audio. I’ve recently changed a few things around and it seems to have fixed all of my previous problems. If you’re interested in recording your gameplay feel free to try these settings out and see if they work for you too.

In DxTory I set my capture to the Raw format. There are lots and lots of videos on YouTube oh which codecs to use and all the other settings you can use in the program. Go check them out, because I don’t have the time to go through them all here. Now once you get the file recorded in the raw format, you need to convert it to something that your video software can use. I just use the RawCapConv utility that comes with DxTory. Once you output that AVI, or whatever file, you need to fix the audio. Again a utility that comes with DxTory does the trick. Use the AVIMux utility and select your newly exported video file. The trick is to make sure NO VIDEO CODEC is selected. I had set this to the same codec I used when capturing my video and the program would hang and often not work at all. If you turn the video codec off, the program works great, and instead of extracting the audio in tens of hours, you get it in a matter of minutes!

All that’s left to do is use a program like Windows MovieMaker to compile everything. Bring in the AVI video file and add the audio file you just created. Mix the audio so just the audio file you added plays and you’re good to go! Hope this ends up helping someone, because I searched Google for a long time and couldn’t come up with any answers so I’m very excited that I finally got everything working the way it’s supposed to.


2 responses to “DxTory and AVImux Fix (For Me)

  1. So, what led you to use Dxtory instead of Fraps? It seems like most everyone I hear doing this kind of thing with Eve is using Fraps. I’ve been meaning to get around to buying one or the other too.