Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

The other day I was reviewing my killboard. A killboard that is currently bursting with the smoldering wrecks of miner hulls. Anyone who knows me, or has read a few of my blogs, will know that I’m not one to turn down even the easiest of kills. I get just as big a rush out of stalking and killing a miner as any other ship. The catch is, miners don’t really make me any money. They’re full of ore that I can’t fit in my cargo hold. They don’t use any modules that I would find particularly useful. And they don’t kill anything that would have given them loot that is worth a damn!

So the other day I decided to try something different. I found a Mackinaw in lo-sec mining and not watching his local. I stalked right up on top of him and engaged. But after I had blasted through his shields I called my drones off, and offered him a deal.

“50 mill and I’ll let you go.”

It makes sense for both of us really. I don’t want to waste my time killing him and not getting any money for it. He doesn’t want to lose his ship, and I make a little cash. It’s win, win! Sorta. Either way he paid up and I let him go. A success! I guess this means I’m officially a pirate now…

jolly rogers

A little later on in the evening I came across two Ventures. I’m telling you if you want to kill miners give me a call. I can’t seem to go on a roam without finding them these days. Anyway I know the Ventures have +2 to their warp strength, making it impossible to scramble them with a single module. But I figured these two were being dual boxed by someone so I decided to give it a go, hoping I could bump one of them out of their align and getting a Venture kill. It seems like the kind of trophy I should have on my wall right? I crept up on them and only decloaked when I was about 5,000 meters away. I just missed my bump and the first Venture warped off, so I immediately locked the second one. This one ended up being afk. My drones only took two shots at him before he exploded. I stole his loot just for good measure.

Ah another fine day of killing defenseless miners. Maybe someday I’ll find another foe worthy of fighting me!


2 responses to “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

  1. The way many roams go I’d be glad to see any explosion, though with a Recon it would be rather pricey for it to be my own. So I can applaud your miner-killing and transition to full ransoming pirate. I promise that I’ll honor ransoms (particularly while in your corp) to help keep that credible. Not that I’ve ever asked for one – that should be something else on my checklist, perhaps.