Call For Help

Hey readers!

This is a desperate call for assistance. I am trying very hard to get into the art of recording my Eve-Online fights and uploading them to YouTube with full audio. My problem is that DxTory is recording 2 audio channels (one for my mic, and one for the game play) but every time I upload it to YouTube one of the channels is dropped leaving me with very one sided commentary! If anyone has any information on how to fix this I would be eternally grateful!

Thanks in advance for any help!

4 responses to “Call For Help

  1. Hi !
    You need to but your track into a movie maker software like Sony Vegas… Or even Windows Movie Maker.
    Once your track is here, I recommend you to do some editing if you want to.. add music, add brightness (often a concern when you render, as it darkens your video), or whatever…
    Then, encode it, and it will mix your two audios in one.

    Et voilà, you can now upload it on youtube.

    • Yeah I was messing with that yesterday. It seems to have worked. You need to build the AVIMux file, then use windows movie maker to add the audio track then upload.

      Thanks for the help!