Faux.Pas is Born!

An exciting day to be sure! The new corp is finally up and ready to start accepting recruits! If you want to get in on the action now is the time!

Faux Pas is a combat and exploration driven corporation operating primarily in the Kor-Azor and Domain regions. Exploration of low security space, and the inherent combat associated with operating in such areas, is the primary source of funding for the corporation.

We are a new corporation and are looking to fill out our member roster! We are actively recruiting old and new pilots alike, although we are particularly interested in new pilots looking to get into exploration and/or PvP combat. If you are at all interested in exploration of lo-sec space, or roaming in a small gang of ships looking for targets of opportunity, read on!

What we offer:

  • A close knit cadre of pilots who put teamwork high on their skills list.
  • A place to learn PvP through practice not lectures, and we teach you more than just how to tackle!
  • A place to learn the in’s and out’s of exploration in the Eve universe.
  • A feeling of community.
  • The flexibility to keep your play style.
  • A dedicated Mumble server for communication.

Who we are looking for:

  • Pilots who aren’t afraid of combat, even if they don’t specialize in it.
  • Pilots who desire to work in a coordinated team often.
  • Pilots who are looking to make a career in Eve through exploration and PvP.
  • Pilots who are willing to leave their ego at the door.

How to Join:
Our application process is pretty straight forward. Contact Vultirnus or Azxvrt in-game to begin. You will be required to share your API for a background check and need a microphone for voice communications. Other than that our requirements are pretty loose, no skill point minimum required. New players are encouraged to join! We pride ourselves on helping young pilots learn the ropes. Eastern Standard Timezone (EST) pilots are preferred but we are currently accepting any timezones.

Join today!

2 responses to “Faux.Pas is Born!

  1. Very interesting. That’s basically what I’ve been doing solo or with one or two friends recently and I’ve been thinking more about getting into a bigger corp. One concern – I’m primarily trained in Gallente and I’m hoping that’s not an issue since your operating theater is Amarr / Blood Raiders. I’ve been thinking of training lasers, but was planning on that being only after I finish getting T2 large hybrids (in progress now).

    • Jakob, I should be in game later tonight. Let’s discuss. You can contact Azxvrt in game now if you’re logged on to open a line of communication.