Worst Timing Ever

I logged onto Eve this morning because I’m done with work for over a week, and I can’t think of a better way to spend my time, other than maybe taking care of that giant pile of laundry in my bedroom. I find the home system quiet. Our grav site is gone, so the mining fun is over for now. I’ll have to remind Oz to put his fancy mining lasers back on the Hulk. I had to downgrade due to my lack of industrial skills.

I head out to our C4 connection because it’s the only thing of any interest at the moment. The system is empty with a fleet of Orcas floating in the only active tower. I decide collapsing the wormhole might be a good idea since no one seems to be home and hole is out of d-scan range of the tower. I run through all my calculations and get to work grabbing the Apocalypse (aka fatty) out of the hangar. The first three passes go off without a hitch but the fourth wasn’t so lucky.

Apoc on FireJust as I entered warp one of the known pilots from the system logs on. Hmm, well maybe they’ll fiddle with a ship fit or something before looking for trouble. No, no they don’t do that. As my battleship emerges from the wormhole an Onyx is sitting on the other side waiting. Well fuck. Here we go. I jump back through to the home system side and begin aligning towards safety.

Not surprisingly a large bubble appears around the wormhole and I punch the afterburner to at least give myself a chance at escaping. My turrets can’t hit the orbiting Oynx even with a web on it. I’m generally surprised, I have an afterburner on, am webbing him, he’s only going 97m/s or so. I should be able to out run him. Except for whatever reason the Apocalypse decided not to align towards my tower. That’s cool. Why would I want to be moving?


So now finally my ship starts pulling away and the lasers are finding their mark on the slowed Oynx. In fact it looks like I might actually have a shot at getting out of this mess. Oh wait a Falcon. Ok yeah this isn’t going to happen. Just as I was approaching the edge of the bubble the Falcon adds his warp scrambling insurance to the fray. I’m a dead duck and all I can hope for is to some how zig zag my pod out of the bubble. But that doesn’t seem to happen either. I lose the ship and the pod plus a healthy dose of implants. At least they had a good sense of humor about it.

Laundry TimeOh well, maybe next time the stupid will stay at the tower and I can manage to align my ship properly to get out of a situation like that again. Until then, laundry :c

4 responses to “Worst Timing Ever

  1. Hello, I’m the Onyx’s pilot !
    I would like to say that I was out of the wormhole for logistical reasons, to buy some fuel or anything… but in fact, I was just using the character re-customization of a nearby station. (I undocked and redocked 6 times before actually being satisfied, but nevermind…)

    On the way back I noticed your armageddon on the D-scan, as well as the low mass of our wormhole. Your intentions were quite clear.

    Guessing that you would use a collapse battleship full of warp cores, I decided to take my Onyx for the bubble and infini point, I warped back to the C3 without wasting any second or modifying my fitting.

    During the warp from our tower to our static, my thoughs were funny : “Hey, but what if I can’t take him down quickly enough ? Oh, right, I have my two ASBs (my hostile Onyx “Daddy I” is pretty new) I can tank him… Oh, crap, I removed the ASBs charges from the cargo by mistake ! Nevermind, I can ask Nilisa to bring a logi.. wait, I can’t be repped if I’m running a bubble… I’ll need a Falcon. Wait, what if he has a Micro Jump Drive ? I need a scrambler. Damit, I should have removed one of my sensor booster for a scrambler… Oh, and I can’t jump or I will be unable to follow him…”

    Finally, I made Nilisa come with a Falcon… I was already fighting you when she logged on, and realized that her ship was still equiped with 4 matar ECMs, while I was having troubles to tank you during the first volleys. Nilisa had to refit very quickly and of course choose that time to mess up with the spelling in the search view of our inventory. 😉

    Back to my warp, I hadn’t even finished my deceleration when I heard the wormhole sound and saw your ship trying to jump back. Of course, I followed you. That was perfect because now you had the full polarity timer.

    After a few seconds of fight when you used your stasis and your afterburner, I realized that I wasn’t able to damage you quickly enough and that you would be soon out of my poor T1 bubble generator range. (18.4km radius actually)

    Still expecting a full warp core stab battleship I told Nilisa to bump you with her 10Mn microwarpdrive, while I was stealthy canceling my bubble and putting the script on it before activating it again. (I used to have two bubbles, but one was gone for a cloak.)

    I had to cancel again to switch to a normal bubble when you were on structure. By the way, if you hadn’t stopped your afterburner you might have been able to move out of my non-focused bubble, and save your pod, as you were quicker than my Onyx. (I wasn’t able to use my microwarpdrive more than a few cycles due to my capacitor, and anyway it was only at 20% of it’s efficiency because of the active bubble.)

    These kills made me discover some nice new stories, and for that I’m thankfull to you 🙂

    Fly dangerously. o/

  2. Fantastic!!

    Oh my god I love sending these after action eve-mails to pilots! That’s hilarious how all that went down. It was an interesting fight to say the least. Guess I should pay more attention to my d-scanner while collapsing lol.

    Thanks for the story! It’s so cool to have both sides of the fight on the blog!