I Always Forget Something…


Damn it.

Well tack another day onto the 31 day jump freighter training plan. I had loaded up a bunch of new jump drive calibration skills into the queue and meant to add level IV before I left for a hot date on Sunday. Yes I actually had a date…

With a girl.

Anyway, for whatever reason Aura didn’t notify me on my phone that the queue was empty and so now I sit at my desk at work praying that somehow my cats figure out how to log into my account and set my next 20 days worth of skilling up for me. Probably not going to happen, but one can hope.

In other news the new wormhole home is going very well. Money continues to roll in, all my PI is setup, and I’m managing to stay out of trouble. Although that is getting rather dull. I think tonight will be a night of roaming. Screw trying to save my security status. Well actually, maybe I should care. If I’m planning on being the corp’s JF pilot I might want to get those back up to the “don’t kill me on sight, brah!” level. It’s very hard to motivate myself to gain standing though. Hoping from belt to belt looking for rats of certain sizes is just not fun. I would prefer to run missions, at least I could make a little cash on the side. But the damn Ministry of Internal Order is pretty fond of sending me off to kill Gellenteans, which in all honesty I’m usually more than willing to do.

For now I’m planning to stay in the w-space while hunting. This should help keep my sec status from dropping any further but also provide me with some entertainment in-game. Not that running PI materials around for hours on end isn’t entertaining. But, well…it isn’t.

On a side note the latest dev notes that have been getting published sound really interesting. I love hearing that bounty hunting is getting worked on. Way back in 2007 when I first started playing Eve, I made my character to be a bounty hunter. Unfortunately I didn’t have the skill, money, or abilities in-game to really pull that off. So I for one am really excited to see what CCP does with it. Also the new destroyer models looks pretty sweet, except for the Minmatar one. That is just a terrible looking ship. I’m not a huge fan of most Minnie hulls, but this one is especially bad. You Minmatar rust lovers should thank me for shooting those down for you.

Anyway I need to get back to work, and continue trying to telepathically communicate with my cats.

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