Making Bills

At the risk of throwing whatever cosmic fortune has come our way into the trash compacter, I will dare to say that things have been going quite smoothly for the corp in our new WH home. The small fleet of ships we have parked in our forcefield allow us to make a good 150 to 200 million isk a day (calculations made roughly after a few beers and only one night as a sample size). Only problem is we’re a little too good at harvesting everything. Most days but the time I log on, the HQ system has been cleared out of any profit making other than my lucrative PI coolant and rocket fuel industry. Now that most of the corp is comfortable collapsing WHs, I rarely even find a new connection to scout around or cause trouble it.

It’s hard to complain too much though. Our wallet is back on the rise and in general the corp is very happy to be back in unknown sectors of space. Away from local, away from the gate-camped lo-sec chains. I have been trying to avoid hunting in lo-sec since the move. My security status is quickly becoming a problem and with a Jump Freighter in my very near future, much of the corp’s fuel and market runs will depend on me not getting ganked by pesky empire navies. It looks like a lot of my immediate future will be dominated by ratting for security status, and training on how to use jump drives.

Yeah…Let’s be serious. I don’t have a Pilgrim sitting in the hangar for ratting.

(I just googled eve pilgrim of doom for a suitable ending pic. It yielded…interesting results)

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