Where Does the Time Go?

Man it’s been nuts around here this past week. Well, except for the fact that I know it hasn’t. I honestly don’t know what has kept me from posting but I do apologize. In-game life has taken a rather interesting turn however. Towards the beginning of the week we stumbled upon a class 3 wormhole system that was, let’s just say, lightly defended by it’s null-sec based inhabitants. With a plethora of anomalies in the system, and apparently no one willing to defend their POS much, we evicted the current residents and have setup shop there!

Man is it good to be back in w-space. I didn’t realize just how much I missed it until I was back in it. I immediately took the opportunity to jump into Oz’s Legion and run through the half dozen anomalies that were scattered around. Over a billion isk and a few hours later I called it a night. Thank goodness for the bounty of Bob! The money is just rolling in and we couldn’t be happier. I’m excited to log on tonight and see what has changed. Our last two static connections have been a little rocky so I haven’t gotten a chance to bring in all my pvp vessels as of yet. That is on my to-do list as well as setting up the PI systems in our new home. Which reminds me we need to bash some POCOs and soon.

Anyway excited to be back and stay tuned for some new broadcasts from the void!

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