Welcome to Internet Gaming

So I logged into Eve this evening after not getting enough sleep, a long day in the field, and a 6-mile run. I find a battleship rat in my second belt and it looks like everything is going my way for an easy night of gaming. Unfortunately that wouldn’t be the case for long. Very shortly after finding the BS rat, three corpmates appear in my system. None of the ships are very interesting, just a cargo cruiser and two blockade runners. Looks like a PI fleet to me and I’m right… for once.

I dock at the local station and grab the Pilgrim. I head out and start my scanning and find the cruiser fly off to planet 4’s customs station. I give chase. At 24km I decloak and start to lock. I get the lock and the warp disruptor goes live. My drones deploy, but the pilot manages to warp away. Damn warp-core stabilizers. Oh well it was a fun attack and I scared the pilot off for a bit at least I’m sure. Then the teenage insult vomiting starts in local. At first it sounded like everything I hate about the online gaming community. Young boys spewing insults they barely know the meanings of. It’s just sad and annoying and offensive at times. I really wish we would grow out of it. Halo was fun guys, let’s move on. I included the convo below for all your entertainment!

[01:05:13] Vultirnus > hence the warp stabs
[01:08:55] Crieton > JESUS
[01:09:00] Vultirnus > ?
[01:09:02] Crieton > USELESS FUCKS
[01:10:03] Vultirnus > it is a role playing game you know
[01:10:08] Crieton > no it isn’t*

[01:10:15] Crieton > it’s an anal rape game        (He has a point here)

[01:10:19] Crieton > this shit isn’t pretend
[01:10:23] Vultirnus > hahah well it’s that oo
[01:10:29] Crieton > come to the station ankles grabbed
[01:11:14] Vultirnus > why don’t you take your 13 year old raging hormones and go play some league of legends
[01:11:21] Crieton > better idea
[01:11:37] Crieton > I know your corp has towers in the system…. I know what you’re harvesting
[01:11:50] Crieton > how about you come back here and appologize to lenoor and maybe you keep them
[01:12:03] Crieton > that shit was fuckin’ rude
[01:12:20] Vultirnus > attacking someone in lo-sec is rude?
[01:12:24] Vultirnus > seems pretty straight forward to me
[01:12:37] Vultirnus > why do I have to apologize, she got away just fine
[01:13:03] Crieton > you’re gonna make me check my system logs aren’t you
[01:13:27] Vultirnus > uh
[01:13:29] Vultirnus > no?
[01:14:22] Vultirnus > if you don’t like getting attacked, stick to hi-sec carebear
[01:14:24] Crieton > I don’t hear an apoology
[01:14:38] Crieton > bitch please
[01:14:53] Crieton > I’m not pretending
[01:15:01] Vultirnus > oh good
[01:15:04] Vultirnus > i thought you were
[01:15:14] Vultirnus > you’re street speak is very intimidating
[01:15:39] Crieton > are you role playing now?
[01:15:54] Crieton > you wanna play marcellus wallus and the gimp?
[01:16:01] Crieton > <=- Marcellus
[01:16:24] Lenoor > wait, isnt marcellus the one who took it in the butt?
[01:16:29] Vultirnus > hahahaha
[01:16:57] Vultirnus > i haven’t seen it in a long time i don’t remember
[01:17:02] Crieton > I dunno
[01:17:06] Crieton > doesn’t matter
[01:17:15] Vultirnus > well, i mean it kinda deflates your verbal attacks

4 responses to “Welcome to Internet Gaming

  1. Bizarre. I’m guessing there’s a segment of gamers (and I’m guessing you’re right about age) who don’t actually know what role-playing is? I wonder if that’s why so many in Eve actively voice dislike for role playing – that they just are clueless? The alternative is more disturbing – if they aren’t playing a role here in Eve then the implication is that it is within their normal day-to-day personality to want to hide in alleys and jump out and mug random passers by and that they would loudly and proudly tout how many people they kill. In the real world we would call that person a psychopath. So either Eve is subscribed to by people who ought to IRL be locked up for the good of society, or they are role-playing. Take your pick.

    • I mean I know I’ve personally said terrible things while gaming online. I do think it’s starting to turn around. I hope it is, it’s just really sad to hear the kind of ignorant things people say online during gaming. I always tell people that gamers are good people, who in general just want to have fun. But it’s hard to make those arguments with people like this running around. In their defense, the rest of the conversation was fairly placid. Once their initial teen-rage cooled off.