Death of An Interloper

It’s raining out when I get up this morning and that’s all the excuse I’m going to need for a day full of Eve. I’m strangely motivated to mine today. I want to see that corp wallet go up some and I think I know just the way to do it. I jump into my Hulk and hit a belt.

It’s a weird feeling I’m not going to lie. I never thought I would be in a belt of lo-sec space in a Hulk. Yet there’s something strangely satisfying about mining in Eve. You feel so industrious, so honest and humble. I imagine it’s a lot like working with your hands for a living. It’s straight forward honest work and you reap the rewards almost instantly.

I mined almost all day. Literally. It was productive though, I set the lasers to blast through a few asteroids while I got some other work done online. I can minimize my browser and still keep tabs on local in-game at the same time. I lost track of the number of cans I ended up mining. It was easily above 20. I think the total net worth of minerals we had after refining was close to 200 million isk. Job well done.

That isn’t to say the day was without some excitement. From time to time an unknown player would appear in the local comm channel, causing me to spam the warp button to get to safety. Nothing seemed to threaten us, most pilots left in a few seconds. I was alert and on my game even though my attention was focused elsewhere.

Then Ivellian Drafia appeared. It’s a pilot I had seen before in the area. My notes told me that he was in a Arbitrator last time I saw him, and sure enough one appears on the directional scanner shortly there after. Oddly enough we also see a flight of core scanner probes appear. The daily notes from the corp show that there is a C3 wormhole connection in our system at the moment, and I immediately grab my Pilgrim and park it 10km from the hole.

I monitor my scanner closely, and eventually the cloaked Arbitrator reveals itself. But he doesn’t land at the wormhole, or leave the system. Instead I see a wreck appear on the scanner. He is popping rats somewhere and he’s not in a local belt. He must have found a radar or mag signature with his probes. Oz is only a few jumps away and I call in some help to locate our target.

While Oz grabs his scanning ship, I use the directional scanner to narrow down the site’s location. I must have done a decent job because Oz has the radar site locked down in about three scans. Not too shabby! He fleet warps us to the site, and as suspected, the Arbitrator is there surrounded by the wrecks of enemy ships.

I’m currently situated about 50km from the enemy ship. He is burning quickly towards one of the hacking cargo containers in the site. I align my ship and begin to close the distance. I know it will take him a little bit of time to break the cargo container open and I’m banking on that time to allow me to close the gap.

The speed fit Pilgrim has a big advantage here over it’s slower armor fit counterpart. With the warp disruptor I can lock my opponent down from 20km out, and the MWD fitted to my ship will help me close down the last few kilometers very quickly. My ship feels like it is crawling towards the Arbitrator, but the pilot doesn’t seem to be in any rush. At about 24km away I drop my cloak and ignite my micro-warp drive. Within seconds I have a positive lock on the ship and my warp disruptor engages.

A fleet of light drones emerges from my drone bay and rockets towards my prey, who has yet to even move or otherwise acknowledge my presence. The drones shred the enemy ship’s shield and armor. The pilot appears to have just accepted his fate. He never attempts to align or move but merely congratulates me on a well executed kill in local.

The kill is a profitable one. Not only do we snag a few handy modules from the ship’s smoldering wreckage, but we now have a cleared radar site at our disposal. Oz quickly sweeps up the mess and relieves the remaining cargo containers of their spoils.

With the excitement over I return to my Hulk and pick up where I left off. The corp still needs money and 20 million isk worth of stolen loot isn’t going to get us there. I mine for another few hours while continuing to clean my desk and get a few things ready for my board games’ debut tomorrow.  All in all a very good day in the sandbox!

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