Life In a Station

The last few days have been very strange. With the eviction of J111856 the corp has been online here and there, but as a whole we seem somewhat lost. We managed to deny our attackers almost any loot they could have hoped for. We learned they were a mercenary group which were hired to evict us from our system. They weren’t being paid very much, but were promised spoils of war, which we didn’t let them have. It feels good, in kind of a shitty way.

Since the eviction a lot has happened. My Eve time is spotty with a lot of my inspiration for the game deflating after such a cataclysmic defeat. I spend most of my time now mining ice asteroids and running level four missions. It’s a good change for the moment. My personal wallet is pathetically low, and my security status can definitely use a boost. Thankfully some good news starts filtering through the comm channels.

While under siege in J111856, a connection to a class 4 wormhole appeared. Our treasure fleet, a fleet of haulers which housed most of our ships and loot we were able to rescue from our towers before being attacked, was able to escape through that connection. On top of that, our new diplomatic leader, Oz, managed to make contact with the C4’s inhabitants. As talks progressed they agreed to house our fleet for the time being, until we can facilitate the treasure fleet’s return to k-space. Our new allies are apparently very friendly! Talks continued and Oz began helping them run through neighboring C3 anomalies. They trusted him with a few of their ships. Not something I would do personally, but the act of faith was well received.

As it stands now our treasure fleet has safely returned to k-space and the corporation has regrouped in the Mikhir system while we ponder what to do next. It sounds as if the C4 allies may help us find a new C3 home system and continue working with us in the future. They sound like a great group of pilots and I’m looking forward to getting to know them all, and hopefully meeting a few pilots from my timezone! From the sound of it, we might need to re-name our corp to something with a phoenix in it, considering our re-birth in the face of such destruction!

3 responses to “Life In a Station

  1. \o/
    Nice! Very fortunate meeting that C4 corp and good to hear you got most of your stuff out.

    You guys didn’t leave a probing alt in J111856 by any chance? The group that hired the Mercs (Dead on Arrival Alliance?) weren’t strong enough to take the hole from you themselves, meaning you might be able to get it back if you wanted.

    Whatever you guys decide, I look forward to reading about it.
    Enjoying your blog!

  2. Yeah Bob looks favorably upon us. I think we still have an alt tucked away in there. We’re in negotiations with the C4 group to see about getting a new system. We’re anxious to get back out there, but we want to make sure we’re making the right move for the corp before we rush into anything.

    Thanks for reading! Hopefully I’ll start picking up the exciting stuff again soon. Hard to get motivated enough to write about mission running lol.

    • Yuup, currently we’re prepping our fleet to get back into wspace, maybe by weekend if everything goes as planned