The Fall of J111856

I had just rolled into work. It was about 9:45 am my timezone and I had just started getting through my emails which is a morning ritual in the office. Suddenly my phone starts buzzing. Looks like the corp is just getting into Eve while I settle in at work. I usually get these texts at work, updates on the HQ system and loses of ships. Today was a bit more dramatic.

An enemy fleet had warped into the HQ. A big enemy fleet. I wasn’t there, I don’t know the exact numbers, but I know it was big and I know it was powerful. They had our static bubbled in minutes. The first customs office fell in only half an hour. It took Oz and crew eight hours to bust the first one when we got here. From what I can tell, we know two things:

1. We are greatly outmatched by this new enemy; and
2. We are utterly fucked.


I get out of work and logged into the game because I had to see it for myself. I knew the fleet had chain collapsed wormholes, and my arbitrator doesn’t have a probe launcher. I’m not going to find a way out of our HQ today, but I had to know it was real. I had to see it with my own eyes. Reinforced bars ticked down all around the system. Enemy ships and a tower were on d-scan. In OUR system! It was sad. It was also impressive. This is what Eve corporations are capable of. I feel like a cub scout in their presence.

It’s sad to have to pull out of J111856 after such a long stint in w-space, but there is always tomorrow. The corp is demoralized, but not spiritless. Already rumors are spreading about incursions and factional warfare. I don’t know where the following days will take us, but I know that this is merely a bump in the road. Maybe someday we’ll get J11856 back, but until then it looks like this goodbye.

Farewell J111856.

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