Vultirnus’ Wall of Violence

The day has finally come! I’ve decided to setup a personal killboard. Documenting your sorties is something I’ve learned to do from playing flight simulators years ago. Keeping track of your engagements, mistakes, conquests and other details can shed a surprising amount of information on your playing. Reviewing past missions and fights can really help point out flaws and deficiencies in your piloting or fits. This is one of the reasons I decided to start this blog in the first place, the killboard just seemed like a logical next step. I can assure everyone that I am certainly not doing this for the bragging rights.

So without further hesitation, the almighty link:

Feel free to post comments, feedback, scathing troll comments and whatever else you want to! I apologize ahead of time if people have trouble viewing parts of the board. I’m still new to the settings so it may take a little time getting things to flow smoothly. I’m hoping to start include links of kills into my regular posts as well. If anyone has trouble with the board or links, please comment here so I can try to fix it. Enjoy!

Also big plug for Griefwatch and their awesome killboards. I certainly am not wizardish enough with this stuff to have figured out how to create my own!

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