Poor Little Guy

Ugh work has been such a pain in the ass the last few days. I was out in the field for 48 hours doing nothing but planting plugs in a wetlands mitigation test area. Long story short I had to make holes in dirt. A lot of holes. Like on the order of 2,250 of them. They weren’t big mind you but still, the shoulders are very unhappy with me, and I have a volleyball game tonight! Anyway, this is not why people read an Eve blog…

I’m able to log on for a bit. It’s the fourth of July which means no work for me! It does mean I have to go watch things explode for half an hour later on though. Better get as much time in as I can. The whole corp is on, and of course something has just gone down. Fleet invites immediately upon logging in are always a good sign. Turns out a small fleet from a connecting wormhole had laid siege to one of our new towers in the HQ system. They pounded away on it for a while and threw a number of threats our way before packing up and leaving. Collapsing their wormhole connection along the way. So much for the threats I guess.

I check the kill log for the corp while everyone is catching up on PI and other industrious things. I can’t help but notice that Oz lost a Bestower to an Anathema that scrambled him while a friend warped in for the kill. It’s too funny, and embarrassing for both of us, to not exchange a few words on the matter. Anyway time is wasting and I want to hunt. I grab the Pilgrim and throw it through our new static wormhole.

Great God of Amarr I hate Gallente space. It just feels hostile towards me, even in lo-sec away from their pestering navies. This static has dumped us in the Isenan system, which is a dead end with a connection to one more lo-sec system before being bracketed by hi-sec. Gallente hi-sec and me don’t get along too well, so it looks like my hunting area is pretty limited at the moment. The gateway system has a few pilots pass through but nothing of note. I jump back and forth between the two for a while hunting random frigates that happen to leave a station and what not. Everyone seems to stay near force fields or gate guns though, and my ship has a hard time keeping up with the agile smaller vessels I’m stalking.

Finally I find a Velator sitting somewhere in our gateway system alone. That sounds promising, and I start narrowing in my directional scanner range to find out where he’s hiding. I can’t believe what I find. He’s alone in an asteroid belt mining. I land about 20km from him still cloaked, and begin to creep my way towards him. There is no one else in the system and I know I can pop his ship before any help comes even if this is some kind of bait. At about 12km I decloak and warm up the modules while a fleet of light drones poor out of my drone bay. The fight, if you can call it that, lasted about 10 seconds. Six of which was me waiting for my cloak to stop interfering with my ability to lock onto his ship.

He never moved, never said a word, never turned off his mining laser. His ejected pod sat next to his wreck while I looted it and destroyed it. He finally warped off and Oz congratulated me on another impressive kill. I’m actually quite proud of all my kills. Was his class of ship ever going to withstand my attack? No, but I was able to find him, approach him, and engage him without him knowing. That is the thrill of lone wolfing a cloaked combat ship. Being able to pick the fight you know you’ll win and execute it. For every afk frigate I kill, there are a dozen ships I run into that would have blown me away easily. A good pilot recognizes when to fight and when to flee and I feel like I’m becoming better at it every day.

That’s when I notice the pilot I just attacked was two days old.

Ok maybe I feel a ping of guilt on this one. But that doesn’t stop me from trying to kill him again when I see him in the system a few minutes later in another frigate. Luckily for him he doesn’t stick around long and is out of system before I can really begin to start looking for him. Either way I have another kill, but it’s time to go watch things explode like every good American. Hopefully I can find something a little more satisfying tomorrow.

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