I Guess It’s Just My Nature

It’s been a few days since posting, but I have been logging into Eve pretty regularly. Unfortunately our connections have been slow recently. Not really a lot of action. It has been good for our corporation bank account though. With little disturbance in the past 72 hours, anomalies have been pillaged, gas has been guzzled (thanks for the pic Oz!), and rocks have been busted. The corp has definitely taken on a much more industrious tone in the last few weeks. I for one am glad to see it. It shows a robust membership and future for us all.

Oz is going to need an intervention though. I swear he cannot hear about how to build or make something in this game and not try it. His latest craze has been producing illegal drugs for the black market, or I’m guessing personal consumption is closer to the mark. Not only that but just yesterday Snow got him into the SOMERblink gambling website. I swear Oz’s soul is lost and in need of reclaiming. Although tripling his money the first time on the site will make it challenging to talk him out of squandering all the corp isk on bids.  As much crap as I give him for it, the website is a lot of fun, and a great idea for an in-game corporation.

Anyway I had logged in the other day and immediately get invited to fleet and skype. That is never a good omen. I find that a Proteus has been seen in the HQ system. The blasphemer that he was, interrupted an intense mining operation in the area. I of course hop into a Purifier and head to our new C4 connection to see what he’s all about and what his friends are doing. That’s when Snow made a rather interesting remark. She mentioned that at the first site of the intruding ship on the directional scanner, everyone’s first instinct was to dock up and hide.

Mine was to go poke him with a stick.

What’s the fun of being in a spaceship with lasers if you aren’t going to use them?! The hunt proved fruitless however. After discovering the only operational POS in the system the enemy pilot logged off. Not very threatening at all if you ask me. I made sure to enter the POS location and list of ships into my new w-space log I keep online. I figure knowledge is power and documenting what I find in w-space systems is probably going to pay off at some point. Hopefully. Either way it was a slow weekend, and I’m more than happy to devote some gaming time to my upcoming Starcraft II addiction.

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