You’d Think I Would Learn My Lesson

I sit here writing this today making typos every other word because I am shaking so very badly…

I logged into Eve probably about an hour ago. I scanned the HQ system to find our static to lo-sec along with a K162 to lo-sec. Not much going on and an anomaly in the system means I’m hoping in my Legion. I love the Legion, it’s such a monster. I warp into the anomaly and start blasting away at the sleeper ships.

About half way through the second wave I notice an Anathema come up on the d-scanner. I align to the POS and warp out. I jump into my Pilgrim and warp to the K162 hoping to see where the covert ops ship came from. He stayed uncloaked for a while when he first entered the system but I never saw any probes go out. I assumed that he saw the sleeper wrecks and my Legion and quickly found the anomaly I was in. But then he left? I see him warp to the K162 and exit the HQ system.

Huh that was weird. I wait on the lo-sec side of the wormhole to see if he comes back. I assume he is bringing something in to blast my Legion or Noctis while I wrap up the site. I wait for a few minutes alone in the lo-sec system. I decide with only one battleship left to go I can probably finish it before he comes back. If he comes back at all.

I was wrong.

As I’m chewing through the last of the battleship’s armor an Arazu appears in the anomaly with me. Well that’s just great. How did I not catch that coming in on d-scan?! He throws his disruptor on me at about 35km preventing me from escaping. I know how this is going to end. I flip my ship around and burn as fast as possible toward his ship getting ready to engage when the rest of his fleet jumps in. A Hurricane and a Cyclone jump into my position. Luckily a very similar gank attempt from a few weeks ago has me mentally prepared. I instantly lock the Hurricane knowing he is going to be spitting out most of their damage.

The Hurricane’s defenses fall to my lasers pretty quickly. Unfortunately an energy destabilizer and sensor dampener are making it difficult to keep my active tank running, regardless of the cap booster. The Hurricane warps out before I finish him off. I start to switch targets to the Cyclone when all of a sudden the whole gang evacuates. Perhaps they were afraid I had backup on the way. I doubt the Cyclone alone could have held up long against the Legion though. Especially with the last Sleeper battleship also pounding away on him.

With the hostile ships gone I warp back to the tower and log off after exchanging “gfs” in local. That was enough excitement for one night I think. I’m happy to have remembered to get some screenshots and immediately sit down to write down another amazing fight in Eve!

One response to “You’d Think I Would Learn My Lesson

  1. Impossible!!! Again ?! Shit man you’re a lucky charm that I need to carry around on my keychain lol