Most Efficient Use of My Time Ever

I log into Eve to find a very quiet HQ system. The corpmates are all asleep and I have the whole place to myself apparently. Better get to work! I hop into my Anathema and scan the system for any new signatures that may have popped up in the last four hours or so. Mel scanned around then and turned up a grav site and a static to the Omam system. It doesn’t look like we have any anomalies. Too bad, they are a fun quick way to make some serious isk.

I do manage to turn up a third signature though, and it turns out to be another wormhole. This one is a K162 and leads to hi-sec?! That’s weird, two hi-sec connections in as many days. What are the chances. This one dumps me out in Amarr space. Thank God. I’m so tired of dealing with the Gallente and Minmatar navies. I pull up my market hub bookmarks and to my surprise find I’m only two jumps away from Amarr itself!

I don’t need much more of an excuse than that. I head back to our tower and grab my Bestower. We have a good amount of loot in the hangar that needs selling and this is a perfect time to do so. I pile all of the sleeper tech and salvage I can find into the industrial hull and head off. We have a pile of gas harvested from ladar sites in the hangar as well, but I don’t have the cargo space to move it. Or I can’t be bothered with it right now.

As I jump into the hi-sec connection I check my cargo hold. The new value estimator at the bottom of the inventory screen is really cool. I’m cruising with about 600,000,000 isk worth of cargo, and after only two jumps it is all sold. Good ole Amarr, they always have good prices. With the corp coffers replenished I head back to the HQ and jump into the Pilgrim. I’ve done my productive stuff, it’s time to hunt.

Unfortunately lo-sec is not as thrilling a place as it could have been. I cruised through about a dozen systems and only saw one pilot. I’m not exaggerating. One. She was an alt of someone’s, created in 2009 and never having left her newbie corporation. I always find it amazing how lo-sec experiences can vary from day to day. I had a bit of nostalgia flying through this particular chain though. We were near Mod and Zinoo. A chain my first real corp used to call home. I think my first POS bash was even somewhere around here.

The fond memories are no substitute for action though. I kill as many blood covenant battleships as I can find and call it a night. At least I am able to help my security status out a little bit. Hopefully tomorrow’s static will be more interesting!

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