Part-Time Job

Last time I was on I had played into the wee hours of the morning. In my exhausted state I decided to remain outside the wormhole, declining to make the 12 jump trip back to my home system and resigning myself to a night of mission running this evening. I was fine with the decision, even excited to see I got a Blockade mission from my agent. I might be able to make some ISK yet! I fit the appropriate hardeners onto my mission running Abaddon and head out.

If only tanking like this could be so easy in PvP. The mission goes smoothly even if it takes a while. I had forgotten how boring mission running can be, especially by yourself. But with no corpmates online the options for getting back into w-space were slim. So while I exchanged broadsides with enemy battleships I opened up EVE-HQ to start putting together some fits for my new rides the Devoter and the Legion.

I’m leaning heavily towards the assault offensive subsystem for the Legion. Fittings I have come up for the ship have a passive buffer tank with over 100,000 effective hitpoints, 500 dps, and over 1,000 points of damage per volley (according to the Eve Fit Tool with all skills at level V). As much as I want a cloaking ship, I just can’t get that kind of combat potential out of the covert subsystems.

21 armor plates and a few rolled tungsten modules make me feel like the evening wasn’t a total waste of time. All in all not a bad night, perhaps not as productive as it could have been. I’m really excited about the new ships and can’t wait to max out some skills to really get them up to their potential. But for now it’s a salvage operation and a not so early night.

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