Void Doesn’t Begin to Describe it…

October 3, 2011

00:27 I log in to an empty home system, no corpmates online, no ships on scan. A few new bookmarks are all that greet me at our tower. Pickings are slim to say the least. Only two anomalies and a ladar site. Might as well harvest some gas, some corpmates should be logging on soon and then I can do something more productive.

To say I got lazy with my d-scan would be an understatement. After 20 minutes of continuous updating with not a thing showing up my vigilance began to falter. I spent some time tweaking PI installations which got another extractor head on Planet I out of it. Good thing, I needed more non-cs crystals.

02:41 Forget this. Obviously it’s a Vult solo act tonight. I pack up the gas mining operation and grab my Pilgrim out of the hangar. I decide to go into the neighboring lo-sec system to find something to hunt. I get spit out into Shach, a lonely little unpopulated system in the Derelik region. It is nestled in a nice little lo-sec constellation though so I decide to move on to another system.

I move from system to system, scanning down what I can, looking for anything that may be interesting. A few systems have a lone pilot in local, but no ships on d-scan. I assume they’re sitting in stations and move on. I warp into the Arena system. One pilot on local, nothing on d-scan. But wait a minute, there are no stations here, he must be in space! I cruise around for 15 minutes or so d-scan pumping, but not turning up anything. Probably a stealth ship in a safespot. No need to waste anymore time. I warp to another gate to see what I can find elsewhere.

I end up at the end of the lo-sec chain in Bairshir. The d-scan spits out a few dozen mission NPC wrecks. Well at least someone is out doing something. There is one pilot in local so I decide to warp around to see if I can get any ships on d-scan. No such luck, he’s probably in the station now. I warp around scanning for another 20 minutes or so before deciding to call it a nig…A PROBE! Finally a ship on d-scan. He must have undocked from the only station in the system. I warp to within 100km of the station to hopefully watch him warp towards a belt to go ratting.

Sure enough there is the Probe, about 138km away from me. I watch intently, gathering intel on the pilot as I watch for any sign of him warping off. I’m practicaly drooling over the thought of an easy kill, until I notice the cyno bubble open. Within seconds the grid is full of very large scary ships. Well, not going to be much I can do about that. I watch the fleet dock up in the station before warping off myself to find my way back home.

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